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Number Ten {2010 Original Version}
Nominated for the 2009 Prog Awards Best Foreign Record

Mechanical Release - February 2009
Festival Music (F2) - Catalogue Number 200902

Only a few copies remaining in stock!

Digital Release - January 2010

Number Ten {Extended Edition}
Includes a bonus track

Mechanical Release - November 2013
Festival Music (F2) - Catalogue Number 201312B

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Number Ten Downloads

Press & Lyrics Pack
Ships MP3


* Guy Manning: Acoustic 6,12 and Classical and Electric Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Bouzouki, Mandolin and Vocals
* David Million: Electric Guitar
* Laura Fowles: Alto Sax and Vocals
* Ian 'Walter' Fairbairn: Fiddle
* Phil Wilkes: Keyboards
* Kris Hudson-Lee: Bass
* Julie King: Vocals (including the duet on "Valentine's Night")
* Kev Currie: Vocals
* Ed Neidhardt: Soprano Sax and Bass Clarinet
* Hannah Hudson-Lee: Vocals
* Danny Rhodes: Additional Drums

* Andy Tillison (Courtesy of The Tangent and PO90): Keyboards and Drums
* Steve Dundon (Courtesy of Molly Bloom): Flute and Tenor Sax
* Pav Chana: Percussion

* Extended Edition Bonus Track

  Song Title Duration
1 Ships 05:34
2 The Final Chapter 07:44
3 An Ordinary Day 06:03
4 Bloody Holiday! 05:51
5 Valentines Night 06:17
6 A Road Less Travelled 10:34
7 Another Lazy Sunday 05:25
8 The House on the Hill 15:52
9 * Ships (1995 Demo) 05:00












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