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Belated very sad news...
News has just reached us to let us know that very tragically, Rick Ashton passed away last year.

Rick was the Manning bass player from 2002 to 2005 covering 'The Ragged Curtain', 'The View from my Window', 'A Matter of Life & Death' and 'One Small Step...' albums plus many of our first 'big' band gigs at the Cambridge Rock Festival, the Classic Rock Society and our debut at Summers End festival.

He was always laid back and joking and the bass parts came easy. He will be missed.

From all of us in the 'Manning' Family, our belated thoughts go out to Romy & the family xxxx
26th August 2022


After a long time, there is something new to talk about!

While the 3rd DAMANEK ALBUM "Making Shore" lives with Sean Timms in Adelaide awaiting its completion one day, I have started up a new collaborative Project, to continue my working/sanity...this is called "The Patchwork Alliance".

This is made up of my music/lyrics with other musical friends helping me out and being a part of a collective.

Me: Keyboards, Acousiic Instruments, Percussion, Bass, Vocals/BVs

Collaborators/Conspirators so far:
Mr. Simon Godfrey ( Tribe of Names, Tinyfish, Shineback ) has provided fabulous Lead/BVs
Mr. John Southerden has looked after some of the Drums

Mr. Jon Axom ( Genius The Fool ) has given me some lovely electric guitar work
Mr. Kevin Currie has created some great Choral BVs
Ms. Julie King has added her lovely BVs
Mr. Huw Lloyd-Jones - Vocals ( Also Eden )
Mr. Simon Rogers - Guitars ( Also Eden )
Mr. Joe Cairney - Vocals ( Comedy of Errors )

More names to come, soon

The Album WIP Title is "Stitched Up"

I will be needing a great Producer to help me mix/produce the end album (Suggestions welcome)
So ... keep eyes peeled, ears open...back with more updates soon

Guy xx

16th March 2022


BC I have been asked often if the MANNING albums can be made available for digital download
In response I have put the entire catalogue on BANDCAMP
I hope you will enjoy and re-visit these!
6th November 2020


Pic: Luke Machin (Guest), Sean Timms, Dan Mash, Marek Arnold, Brody Green (Guest), Guy Manning (Seated)

Firstly, thanks for a great 2019...your support has, as always, been fabulous!

So it's high time to bring you update with what is happening behind the scenes...

A third DAMANEK album "MAKING SHORE", is being recorded for a planned 2020/2021 release.
This is the working title for it...and as the first two releases 'ON TRACK' and 'IN FLIGHT' both implied movement and travel (by Rail and Air) in their names and so I was leaning to a more Sea/Water-centric title this time (but 2 words again...isn't branding wonderful)

This new set of material sees us once more return to ecological concerns/issues and of course from a narrative empathetic POV, placing the listener in the heart of the story...naturally.

80 odd minutes of initial demos have been written with some quite diverse themes.

Here are some working track names and ideas behind them:

1. A Mountain of Sky (about the solitude and aloofness of Mount Everest)
2. A Crown of Thorns (about the decline of the Great Barrier Reef)
3. Back2Back (looks at the concern around Global arising from over population)
4. Reflections on Copper (a observation on the debilitation brought through Dementia)
5. In Deep Blue [Sea Songs Part One] (a tale of personal fear overcome!...)
6. Noon Day Candles (an appeal to the World Stage about child hunger and a belief that each and every voice makes a difference in addressing the issue)
7. Self-Composed (an introspective personal look at my own song writing)
8. Americana (narrates the impact of Climate change on a fictional US farm)

9. Oculus - this is an epic, Gothic tale dealing with the perils of inter-dimensional travel ... it is a bit involved, but the story will unfold!!!

Marek, Dan, Sean & I will be returning once again with a supporting cast of superb musicians, some you already know, some new, some well known...have I made that intriguing?

So, no live dates planned as yet, but we looking ahead to 2021 now to get some things booked in.

Related Updates:
Meantime, please check out the latest album by Cyril called "The Way Through" (Cyril is one of Marek's projects for which I provided the concept story line and the lyrics). It has got some great reviews.
Also check out the new Seven Steps to the Green Door album, "The Lie".

Maschine have been recording their third album and so Dan (and Luke Machin) will no doubt be publishing details all about it plus news of their Autumn UK tour with District 97 (look out for details on these dates on Social media).

Work has also started on the third Southern Empire album, the follow up to the fantastically well received "Civilisation" - watch out for news on that too from down under.

So that's it for now.
Please visit the Damanek web site and add some comments to the Guest book and also keep up to date with all things Damanek on the Damanek Facebook page.

We love to hear from you, chat, answer questions etc.

More news soon, when things have progressed.

Btw, I will be this years UK Summers End festival if you are about to say Hi!

Take Care
Guy M xx

20th September 2019

DAMANEK "On Track" is now available top pre-order from the GEP store

The album is now available to pre-order from the Giant Electric Pea Store : GEP STORE









The Track "Long Time, Shadow Falls" from the new album
is also available in PROG Magazine - Issue 76 on the
Cover-mount CD

Please help us to spread the word!

Please let us know what you think of the track...it is the first time anyone has had an opportunity to hear any of the new material!

Your feedback is important to us!

6th May 2017


GEP SIte: published on:
Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Following an impressive debut show at last year’s Summer’s End festival Damanek (Guy Manning: vocals, keyboards, guitars; Dan Mash: (‘Maschine’) bass; Marek Arnold: (‘Toxic Smile’/’Seven Steps to the Green Door’) saxes & clarinet; and Sean Timms: (‘Southern Empire’/’Unitopia’) keyboards, backing vocals) will release their first album ‘On Track’ with GEP in May 2017.

On Track’ is a genre-defying collection of sophisticated songs that manage to combine impressive technical proficiency with catchy hooks and vast soundscapes.

Sean Timms’ sleek production adds to the overall sense
of quality and class on this impressive debut.

se pic

The recording of ‘On Track’ is completed by a stellar list of guest musicians including: 
Brody Thomas Green ('Southern Empire') – Drums
Tim Irrgang
 (‘UPF’) – Percussion
Antonio Vittozzi ('Soul Secret') – Guitars
Luke Machin
 ('Maschine'/’Kiama’/’The Tangent’) – Guitars
Stephen Dundon
 ('Molly Bloom') – Flute
Nick Magnus
 – Keyboards
Phideaux – Vocals
Ulf Reinhardt
 ('Seven Steps to the Green Door') - Drums

The Santucci Horns - Horn Section

14th March 2017

XMAS CD Bargain...& DAMANEK Summer's End 2016 Reviews
Tis the Season to be jolly...bonkers actually! ...so we are offering 2 of the our Extended Editions CDs at a bundle price ...just £14 for the 2 (plus postage outside UK)...Ideal for giving to friends and family this Xmas!
Both have added bonus tracks above the original releases....See the ORDERS Tab!

PROG magazine and The Progressive Aspect review sites both have published reviews on DAMANEKS debut performance...for more information please visit the DAMANEK WEBSITE (See above).
8th November 2016

DAMANEK line-up for Summers End 2016 now revealed...

"Post UPF (United Progressive Fraternity) and the appearance at Summers End X (2014) and short tour, I wanted to establish a new musical venture away from my usual MANNING albums.
I had lots of new, different material written, I just needed the best musicians I could find who would like the pieces enough to join me.

Marek Arnold ('Seven Steps to the Green Door', 'Cyril', 'Toxic Smile') and I had worked both in UPF and of course on several of my own MANNING albums. His sax work is always exemplary! He is also a great producer in his own right. ....plus he is a tasty keys player too.
Dan Mash (I knew through 'The Tangent', 'Maschine') and of course, we had worked in UPF together and I was keen to have him on board too if at all possible

So the initial DAMANEK concept was born (DAn / MANning / MarEK)..

Finding the right keyboards player though was going to be perhaps a challenge. Luckily, after meeting Unitopia (as a fan) at Summers End 2010, I have remained friends with both Mark 'Truey' Trueack (which led to UPF) and also with the fabulous Sean Timms

I emailed Sean the demos and he agreed to complete the core formal line-up of Damanek and brought his considerable keyboard and production skills to the unit.

When Stephen Lambe invited me to perform at the 2016 Summers End, my first thought was, "so how am I going to be able to bring a line-up together which can do justice to the album ("On Track") already in production?"
This was going to be like assembling The Avengers or the Magnificent Seven (or Six in this case) !!!

As it turns out, there have been some fortuitous decisions / happy accidents made by Lambsie and Huw Lloyd-Jones which made some of all this a hell of a lot easier for me in the end...

Firstly, 'Seven Steps...' were invited to perform SE on the Saturday...so I knew Marek would be there anyhow! .

Secondly, I contacted Sean and asked him if it would be at all possible that he could get across for it...and to my absolute surprise / delight, he agreed!!

Thirdly, we needed a guitar player of considerable talent. When Dan suggested his colleague Luke Machin ('The Tangent', 'Maschine', 'Kiama') and approached him on my behalf, I was astounded when Luke agreed to also be a part of this show as a Special Guest!

Fourth, we just needed a superb, inventive and quick learning Drummer! I was mulling it over when suddenly there was a line up change at Summers End and Heather Findlay's Band were booked to appear!. 
I have played a number of events where Henry Rogers was drumming (either for DeeExpus or Touchstone) at RosFest 2010, previous Summers Ends and also whilst on tour with Manning) and I was always impressed by the skill and passion in his performances...so I thought, why the hell not ask him?

I am happy to report that Henry has come aboard again as a Special Guest and so (like Marek) will performing twice at this years SE festival!

So that just leaves me letting the side down against the weight of this impressive troupe of musicians..I am going to have to up my game!!" Guy Manning

Summers End 2016  DAMANEK Line-Up:

Guy Manning: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Gtr, Mandolin, Keyboards
Marek Arnold: Saxes, Clarinet, Keyboards
Dan Mash: Bass
Sean Timms: Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Plus Special Guests:

Luke Machin: Electric Guitars
Henry Rogers: Drums

As this international line-up cannot be sustained for more live work (too expensive and geographically challenged)...this is one-off show not to be missed playing nearly all of the new album (to be released Spring 2017)

You will be able to pre-order a copy of the new album at the festival or shortly through this site!
Pre-orders (only) are to exclusively autographed by Guy and at a pre-order price too.
17th September 2016

New DAMANEK Web Site launched
The new Damanek band site is found at www.damanek.com
Please go check it out and while there sign up for the Damanek Mailing List!

The debut album "On Track" is being recorded now and all the latest information
on this and the band and guests is to be found on the website
26th July 2016

Digital Copies of MANNING albums to be stopped very soon (March 2016)

At the moment, all the MANNING albums are available as digital downloads from various sites, Amazon, Rhapsody etc. (See the site Releases Pages for individual details)

As of March 2016, most of these will taken down and become officially unavailable in this format.

At this time, only the following titles (those which are unavailable on CD or hard to find, will continue as digtal products)
1. A Matter of Life & Death
2. The View From My Window
3. Cascade
4. Akoustik 2 (the most current release)

Those interested in these albums as official downloads had better think of ordering soon!
Those that get them free via "other means" will no doubt continue to do that and make it harder financially for indie artists to carry on recording and releasing new works.

13th February 2016

DAMANEK - Updates and more...

Happy New Year!
Arranging, re-arranging and recording has started for the DAMANEK project now

Getting involved so far are:-

Dan Mash - Bass, BVs
Guy Manning- Vox, Keys, Acoustic things...
Marek Arnold - Saxes, Clarinet, Keys

Plus we are very pleased to announce that our Principal keys player will be Mr. Sean Timms (Unitopia, Southern Empire). Sean is already hard at work on the first of the album pieces contributing to the conveyor belt of change which then moves on to Marek and Ulf Reinhardt (Seven Steps to the Green Door.) recording the drum sections.

Antonio Vittozzi (Soul Secret) is also working with Guy and Marek on Electric Guitar arrangements too......so off the starting blocks we go...Luke Machin (The Tangent, Maschine, Kiama) has also lent a hand on one track with some wonderous guitar!

Nick Magnus has kindly played keys and arranged parts on one piece for us already!

Other discussions for more contributors are under way too...more on that later..!!!!!

Whist all this has been going on, Guy has also had time to write most of the lyrics for Marek's forthcoming CYRIL II album, plus has also contributed lyrics to the wonderful "FETISH" album newly released by Seven Steps to the Green Door. This is a beautiful sounding album crammed with fantastic arrangements and performances..I urge you to go hear/buy it :)

....and, as if this was not enough....the other 15 or so pieces remaining after the DAMANEK selection and now being bundled together to provide the debut material for yet another Project/band
Again...more new on all that when that is firmed up.

17th January 2016

Merry Xmas 2015 and a very happy and peaceful New Year 2016
A year full of many ups and downs, but plenty of compositions...2016 already promises to be more overtly full of activity!!!

So, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Xmas and a very Happy and peaceful New Year

See you all quite soon
Guy xx
23rd December 2015

A Project(s) Update! (Updated 23/12/2015)

My demos have been split up and fall as follows: (in no particular order) ...


01. Big Eastern (Parts I-III)
02. Believer-Redeemer
03. Madison Blue
04. Long Time, Shadow Falls
05. Big Parade
06. Oil Over Arabia
07, Nanabohzo & the Rainbow
08. Heaven Song Pt I (The Cosmic Score) [ Arrangement / Keys by Nick Magnus ]
09. Dark Sun

NON-DAMANEK (New Project tbc):

01. The Crossing
02. Ragusa
03. Americana
04. Heaven Song Pt II (Moon-Catcher)
05. Back to Back
06. Crown of Thorns
07. The Crawler
08. A Mountain of Sky
09. Noon Day Candles
10. Phobias
11. Skyboat
12. Self-Composed
13. Reflections on Copper
14. Arrivals
15. In Deep Blue

16. My Old Lady (Manning/Dundon)
17. A Blackened Heart (Manning/Dundon)

The Demos are sounding very nice and the invites for collaboration have been sent out with more loing out soon!

23rd December 2015

The DAMANEK Project !

DAMANEKMarek Arnold and Daniel Mash paid me a visit at the end of July 2015 to discuss plans for a new project/venture.

The three of us are of course involved with UPF (See News below) and on tour, we got on so well that now, back at home, we thought we would carry on the collaboration as we are the European arm of that band.

We sat patiently in the studio at BURNSIDE and reviewed all the demos that I had started and they were able to pick out 10 that they wanted to work on with me.

These, plus other tunes from Dan and Marek, will form the basis of a new future band/album

The working title of this outfit is DAMANEK

I will keep you updated as to progress on this plus on the next UPF album too.

However as there are so many new songs of mine now demoed, there will be likely to be yet another project put together to work on those too...so...busy busy busy!!!

8th August 2015


Hi Folks
A quick update on things GUY MANNING related....
It has been quiet here on the website for a while, but behind the scenes, I am writing lots of new material :)

Some of this is already earmarked for the next UPF album (working title "Planetary Overload"), which is due 2016 and as for the rest? Well I am not sure...
It maybe that I start a brand new Project where I will invite guests to work / collaborate with me, where I will not be the only singer/writer etc.
Some of my trusted MANNING musicians / friends will of course still be featured!

So it is very unlikely at this time, that there will be another MANNING album (ever) or in fact, any other new release in 2015 from me...but never say never...things may yet change!
Maybe a rest from the annual releasing schedule is now called for?

However, there are already 33 new pieces in the demos catalogue! Most of these tunes are quite different I think from the more traditional MANNING album material and some I am now rather fond of!

Demos so far with WIP lyrics:
(Plenty of others where these are yet to be added)

01. The Crawler
02. Nanabohzo and the Rainbow 
03. Big Eastern Pt I - Cruel Skies
04. Big Eastern Pt II - The Shaking Earth
05. Big Eastern Pt III - A Life in Chinatown
06. Skyboat
07. Heaven Song Pt I - The Cosmic Score
08. Heaven Song Pt II - Moon-Catcher
09. Big Parade
10. A Mountain of Sky
11. Believer - Redeemer
12. The Crossing
13. Oil Over Arabia 
14. Ragusa
15. Long Time, Shadow Falls
16. Americana
17. In Deep Blue
18. Noon Day Candles
19. Madison Blue
20. My Old Lady (Lyrics by Steve Dundon)
22. A Blackened Heart
(Lyrics by Steve Dundon)
23. Crown of Thorns
24. Arrivals (Instrumental)

25. Back to Back
26. Reflections On Copper

Dan Mash and Marek Arnold are to pay a visit to BURNSIDE at the end of July to discuss/pick out pieces for our new joint venture...we will need to recruit!

I will continue to keep you up to date with news titbits...so, untl next time
Be well, take care ...Guy xx

26th July 2015


FILThe UNITED PROGRESSIVE FRATERNITY debut album is now officially released!

"Fall In Love With The World" features Guy on Keyboards, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar and Backing Vocals.

Loads of information about the Band/Album can be found at the UPF official website

The short UPF promo tour has also now been completed! A lot of fun but very tiring!!

15th November 2014


AKOUSTIK #2 is now released on Festival Music (201408)

9 re-imagined oldies from across the Manning back catalogue
plus 3 brand new pieces* ...

Track Listing:

01. White Waters 
02. Songs From The Bilston House 
03. Yesterdays' Hero *
04. A Strange Place 
05. Moorland Skies *
06. Flight 19 (<< You can hear this track now via the LISTEN tab)
07. Saturday Picture Show *
08. Blue Girl 
09. Icarus & Me 
10. Joshua Logan 
11. Ships
12. Winter


Guy Manning - Guitars, Keyboards, Mandolins, Drums, Percussion & Vocals

With stellar support from

David Million - Guitars
Ian 'Walter' Fairbairn - Fiddle & Mandolin
Jonathan Barrett - Bass
Julie King - Vocals 
Kev Currie - Backing Vocal / Vocal arrangements 
Marek Arnold - Saxes & Clarinet 
Martin Thiselton - Piano
Rick Henry - Drums & Percussion 
Steve Dundon - Flute

9th August 2014


UPF - Press Release

Exciting news from down under!

Watch out for the Promotional Tour Dates (See the LIVE Page)

"Although, well known Australian Progressive Rock group Unitopia
have decided to call it a day, the musical spirit still lives on in the
newly formed United Progressive Fraternity...

A phoenix from the ashes, UPF are a tour de force with ex-Unitopia members Matt Williams on guitar, Dave Hopgood on drums, Tim Irrgang on percussion and the ever magical voice of Mark ‘Truey’ Trueack (whose vision, this juggernaut is).

Added to this, Mark has managed to corral some progressive rock heavyweight 'kindred spirits' in
the form of keyboard player, guitarist, vocalist and song-writer, friend Guy Manning (Manning, The Tangent) and on the first UPF album and also on their up and coming tour of the UK and Europe later in the year, wind/keys player Marek Arnold (renowned for his work with Seven Steps to the Green Door, Toxic Smile), plus Dan Mash on Bass (Maschine, The Tangent)

On 31 March, UPF will be formally announcing their existence with the video release of ‘The Water’, from the debut album ‘Fall in Love with the World’ (due for release in October 2014) and which includes a collaboration with ex- Yes front man Jon Anderson and input from former Genesis guitarist, Steve Hackett.  Steve Unruh will also appear as a special guest on the album, playing the violin and flute.

The context of the songs is largely unchanged from the Unitopia days; thought provoking and meaningful lyrics with an emphasis on the human condition, the state of the environment and how we as the human race arrived at where we are today. All sung with feeling and passion – a hallmark of all that is best in progressive music, but the music itself has taken on an edgier, grittier sound than that of Unitopia, which makes it quite breath-taking!

‘Water’ opens and ends with the sound of thunder and rain which leads into exquisitely middle- eastern flavours interspersing with a punchy orchestral chorus and featuring the unmistakable dulcet tones of Jon Anderson. The song progresses into a dramatic sequence with some heavy guitar riffs supplied by Matt.

The production is flawless, Mark’s voice is as impressive as ever, and the talent that these musicians combined possess is clearly apparent. ‘The Water’ is a reminder of how we can take this precious fluid for granted; how it is getting harder to get (especially in Australia, where droughts are more frequent and prolonged with bushfires more violent and deadly with each passing summer) and yet, we still treat it with thoughtlessness instead of conservation.  
“Water’ brings the message home loud and strong!

The band will be touring the UK and Europe in the autumn and have already secured a place at the prestigious Summer's End Festival as the Special Guest slot on Saturday night.

Watch out for them in your area!!

Please visit the UPF Website and FaceBook page to find out lots more about it all! "

UPF Facebook Page

UPF Web Site

20th April 2014

First concert date of 2014 !
The Classic Rock Society have kindly, asked me to provide a short acoustic set ahead of the Giltrap/Wakeman Electric Band performance on Saturday 5th April 2014.

As the 'Warm Up' act I can take some humourous liberties so expect plenty of high jinks!
29th March 2014

Guy Manning travels to the USA!

SPECIAL NEWS: August 23rd 2014


Guy Manning makes only his second musical jaunt to the USA, this time to play a special acoustic set in Chicago to support his 2012 "Akoustik" album and the soon to be released sequel, "Akoustik 2". 

He will be joined by the gorgeous Julia Manning and talented guitarist, David Million in what should prove to be a great night of music, stories and plenty of humour!

Note: also lending his talent and support, Phideaux will make a special guest appearance!

Please note, as this is a "House" / "Friends of the Host" gig, Mark (our host) requests that only people who are either invited by himself or are sponsored by someone he has invited, apply to attend.
The list of those 'invited' can be found on the FB event page.
Thanks, Guy

3rd March 2014

The CRS Awards for 2013 with the annual Steve Hackett shot!

Even though Guy was unable to attend this years festivities, that did not stop Steve (Hackett) demanding his new MANNING album as has now become tradition at said event!

We are happy to oblige you Steve with a copy of "The Root, The Leaf & The Bone" and congrats on your "Best Guitarist" award
- we hope to catch up and chat with you again very soon!

Full award details:
Best Male Vocalist - David Longdon
Best Female Vocalist - Christina Booth
Best Keyboard Player - Rob Reed
Best Bass Player - Lee Pomeroy
Best Drummer - Henry Rogers
Best Guitarist - Steve Hackett
Best Album - The Twenty Seven Club - Magenta
Best Track - East Coast Racer- Big Big Train
Best Lyricist - Fish
Best CRS Live Act - Moon Safari
Best UK Band or Artist - Big Big Train
Best Overseas Band or Artist - Moon Safari
CRS Newcomer - Hekz
Unsung Hero - Summer's End Festival

23rd February 2014

MANNING 'band' retires!

Statement from Guy Manning

"I wanted to keep you posted as to the current status of the MANNING 'band'

The 'band' line-up has been ongoing, with various members leaving and joining since 2008.
Whilst I have been the constant, this has provided highs and lows for both myself and the members alike.
After much soul searching, I have decided that it is time that this current line-up reach its natural 'end of life'.
I am sure that I will be working individually with the folks on future projects, but for now, we are to go our separate ways. 

It has been a great deal of both hard work and much fun - the live shows were all good and the albums we have produced as an ensemble have been very well received indeed!

I wish each and every member of the Manning Band lineups all the very best and more news about their own activities will no doubt surface very soon :)  


For myself, I am still writing new material. I have 2 "Projects" on the go at this time:
a) AKOUSTIK #2 ...more songs re-interpreted in an acoustic setting from the long Manning back catalogue plus, some new acoustic based pieces that did not fit previously anywhere
b) A new large scale concept album. This is very likely to be a long term complex and involved project so I am not sure when (or if) this will see the light of day yet! or who will be involved in its production.

I feel no sense of urgency or ticking clock to get things out there in 2014...I am ambling along with some time to reflect, work a little and I am happy to just see where the current takes me ......short term! (I get bored easily)

In terms of more live appearances, some solo or small line-up (most probably AKOUSTIK) shows are likely to be arranged in 2014. So please stay tuned!

Is there anybody out there?...

Meanwhile, it would be very nice indeed to work with other people too,on new music etc ...just as a writer, player, singer (not a leader!).
If anyone has any collaborations they'd like to discuss or thoughts as to how I may get involved with any other Projects, then please drop me a line at

So, thanks, once again,  to the loyal Manning supporters out there for listening to the music! There will be more!

Hope to see you soon
Guy (Manning)"
16th January 2014

End of the Year!
"Now getting ready for XMAS...so, on behalf of myself and all at "MANNING" (Myself, Julie, David, Kris, Rick & Martin + Steve D) have a fab cool Yule and a very peaceful New Year!
I will probably be back in 2014..."
24th December 2013

More Reviews & Features published
More Album and Live Reviews are now appearing plus features including a nice spread in ROCK SOCIETY Magazine and an in depth interview with Eric Perry for PROGARCHY.

See the PRESS tab for more details
3rd December 2013

News about two "Extended Edition" reissues
We have re-issued slimmed down versions
of "The Ragged Curtain" and "Number Ten" albums.
These contain a short bonus track each but are not remastered.

We had run out of copies of these albums and decided against repressing the complete booklet artwork/lyric packs again, opting for the more affordable cardboard jacket format that worked well with the {10th Anniversary Editions}" previously.

These original titles are now officially deleted with only the last few rare full artwork "Number Ten" copies remaining in stock.

Those that put their names down for "THE RAGGED CURTAIN" recently, when ordered at the 2 gigs...we will check the list when you order them ( as it qualifies for a small discount!)!
22nd November 2013

"The Root, the Leaf & the Bone"- DPRP Round Table Review & Interview

rThe highly esteemed and influential Dutch Progressive Rock Pages latest update features
the new Manning album and an in depth interview with Guy.

These are kindly reproduced in full on our PRESS PAGES.

Next up! the 2 November UK tour dates - we do hope to see you there! Say "Hello!"

Here are a few snippets from the (team of 4) RTR:

"His dogged determination and creative talent has certainly been responsible for some of the most inspired music of
the current century....One can only hope that one day the wider world will wake up to the fact that in the leafy suburbs of north Leeds, West Yorkshire there is a musical genius at work whose impressive output is there to be discovered."

"There is something incredibly heart-warming about the album, which is ostensibly a trip down Memory Lane to familiar sights and sounds of childhood but Squire Manning creates some stunningly complex musical arrangements to bring them to life.....simply one of the most enchanting albums of 2013"

".... a brilliant song like Decon(struction) Blues keeps stuck in your head for days leaving me whistling it with some shreds of lyrics. A rather strange effect in the world of progressive rock! It is true art. Magnificent and masterly how Guy Manning creates his compositions this way."

"Very few artists have an ability to be consistent in their approach to continually producing albums that are consistently stunning. Manning is definitely in that league, without a shadow of doubt. 2013 has seen many great albums being release, and The Root, The Leaf & The Bone can be added to this list."

GEOFF FEAKES : 9 out of 10
ALISON HENDERSON : 8 out of 10
ANDRÉ DE BOER : 8 out of 10
JOHN O'BOYLE : 10 out of 10

7th November 2013

PROG Magazine Feature & Review
The new edition of PROG magazine is now out which includes a 4 page feature on the band plus a nice review
of the new album "The Root, the Leaf & the Bone".

These are available to see on the PRESS page.

The photo session took place on the hottest day of the year at Elsecar Railway Heritage.

We had tremendous fun playing dress up for the shoot
and have adopted some of the costumes for our next
live performances!

The band's 'unofficial' snaps are found on the GALLERY page in a new collage!

4th November 2013

"The Root, the Leaf & the Bone" - NOW ON SALE!! - Reviews





"The Root, The Leaf & The Bone – finely crafted and consistently original songs, intelligent and meaningful lyrics and a keen ear for creating the right blend of instrumentation, mood and sound. Many will argue that his 14th album is Guy Manning’s most pleasing and accomplished collection of songs yet – and I don’t think you’ll find me disagreeing too much with that view."

Imperial (Progressive Ears)

"This album is a series of compositions that reward the listener as it reveals its many facets. I have heard this CD on a number of occasions and each play has provided an extra nuance or subtlety to be appreciated. It has many references to a wide variety of musical genres and artists ,but is totally unique in its breadth and execution...It epitomises what Manning is about : superbly crafted melodies and a totally eclectic style that cannot
be categorised...overall , this is a stimulating , innovative and thought provoking release

Preston (Progressive Archives)

"Musically this album is true to the sound of Manning, in so far as it is anything but clear cut and unafraid to entertain the listener with a vast breadth of influence and style. From Prog to pop to folk, Guy draws on his expansive musical taste and ability and crafts it effortlessly together"

Eric Perry (Progarchy Site)

"I was surprised how 'warm' the album is, almost like a wonderful comfort blanket, and all I wanted to do was to wrap the music around me...Each of the nine songs has a real story to tell...Over the years I have been lucky enough to hear all of Guy's solo albums, plus of course those he has recorded with groups like The Tangent, and this stands up as one of his finest releases. Superb ****"

Kev Rowland (Progressive Archives)

"The is the 14th MANNING album in as many years, and it is amazing how Guy Manning keeps up the momentum and quality of his work...a melting pot of instrumentation... it is all superbly controlled under the watchful eye
of Guy Manning who never loses his focus and has produced another fine piece of work."

Rock Society magazine (Classic Rock Society)

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The last of our Album launch ROOT questionnaires:
(7. Kathy Hampson) * NEW*

16th October 2013

LIVE DATE AMENDMENTS - JYB unavailable so Landmarq step in!

A quick note to say that for purely logistical reasons, the forthcoming November dates with the John Young Band have had to be amended.

The John Young Band is sadly now unavailable and so we have asked our friends LANDMARQ to take their place for these two nights! We look forward to working with John next year.

A statement from John Young

Firstly sincere apologies to all our friends who were thinking of popping along to see the JYB at both the CRS and the Peel in Kingston. I hope we can re-arrange something for the not too distant future.

Unfortunately the ‘law of the sod’ kicked in with a date being moved (with regard to my day job!) and as such I will be in a fairly remote part of Northern Norway sadly.

We tried our best to re-arrange flights to get back in time for the Kingston show, but I'm afraid it was to no avail and as the resources for the private jet are still lacking, I'm afraid we are up the proverbial gum tree :(

Anyway, it's all my fault and on return from Norway I will be heading off to a convent to repent my sins.

I would like to thank Stephen Lambe and Jon Patrick at the Peel for their endeavours and especially Guy Manning who conceived the idea, worked very hard on it and has stoically taken this on the chin....top bloke!

I hope you will endeavour to support Manning, Landmarq & Phideaux on the days in question as I'm sure the shows will be fabulous... just wish I (and the chaps) could be there.

Look forward to seeing you in the not too distant future

Please contact the relevant ticket offices (See LIVE page) for any queries.

Sat 16th Nov and Sun 17th November will see the MANNING band return to live performances.

Please note, both shows will be early doors starters to accommodate the fine bill:

Closing the night(s) will be the fabulous Landmarq

Opening proceedings will be a rare UK appearance by the Phideaux 'Trio'
(Phideaux, Valerie & Ariel) with some help from Guy & Steve Dundon (Ed. we think!).

The trio were over visiting Guy in the UK and we thought...well why not?

poster2Manning will take centre slot and centre stage with a newly revamped set list

This will be featuring some songs from the brand new 2013 release "The Root, The Leaf & The Bone" plus other older pieces, some of which have never been played live before!

More details and directions to advance sale tickets can be found on this site's LIVE page ...so, book early!!

24th September 2013

"The Root, the Leaf & the Bone" - NOW PRE-ORDERING!

Stop Press: The new MANNING album " The Root, the Leaf & the Bone" is now available to pre-order from the ORDERS page.
Note: Copies will be sent out as soon as we have them in stock (and they are expected in the next week!)

The very early promotional reviews are starting to appear now too :

"The is the 14th MANNING album in as many years, and it is amazing how Guy Manning keeps up the momentum and quality of his work...a melting pot of instrumentation... it is all superbly controlled under the watchful eye
of Guy Manning who never loses his focus and has produced another fine piece of work."


Live dates in November will officially launch the music onto the live stage...so lots of exciting things planned.

Radio Shows/Interviews to support the new release have also been arranged (Schedule again published on the web site) [View Schedule]

Sign up here for the Official Mailing List there too to keep up to date with Manning happenings :)

23rd September 2013

"The Root, the Leaf & the Bone" 1st Album Review published! (Early birds)

The first album review has appeared!

These boys are fast it is not even released yet!

A good review (thankfully) from our friends at the CLASSIC ROCK SOCIETY in their ROCK SOCIETY magazine.

See the PRESS tab for more details!

21st September 2013

"The Root, the Leaf & the Bone" Album Pre-Launch Activity

1. The New Album Sample track has been published on our LISTEN page!
"The Huntsman & the Poacher" is a track about older rural days and karma!

The Poacher sets off after the deer and the Huntsman sets off after the Poacher...find out what happens next!

2. Here is the schedule for the new album radio interview launch shows:
[View Schedule]

3. As a run up to the album launch date, read what the ROOT 'Special Guests' had to say about all things MANNING!

(6. Kevin Currie)

(5. Ian 'Walter' Fairbairn)

(4. David Albone)

(3. John Young from 'Lifesigns' etc.)

(2. Chlöe Herington from 'Knifeworld' is next up!)

(1. Marek Arnold is first to open up the dialogue)

....and an album COMING SOON News item in Issue #38 of 'PROG' Magazine. (see right >>>)

20th September 2013

"The Root, the Leaf & the Bone" Album Trailer
The New Album PROMO trailer has been released on YouTube

You can watch it here:

11th August 2013

"The Root, the Leaf & the Bone" Progress Report
Official release date is the 7th October 2013.
Album pre-ordering will start ahead of this and in time for Summers End festival 2013.

As a run up to this, read what the ROOT Special Guests had to say about all things MANNING!

(1. Marek Arnold is first to open up the dialogue)
19th July 2013

"The Root, the Leaf & the Bone"

This album is now completed!

The artwork is pretty much there too!

root Release is scheduled for October 2013 on Festival Music (F2).

The track list running order has now been decided upon:

1. The Root, the Leaf & the Bone
2. Decon(struction) Blues
3. Autumn Song
4. The Forge
5. Old School
6. Palace of Delights
7. The Huntsman & the Poacher
8. Mists of Morning Calling to the Day

9. Amongst the Sleepers

A set of songs dealing with a number of aspects around the theme of "change", be it through 'progress', nature, nostalgia or just pure fantasy.
For good or bad? What has been lost in translation?

The album features the current Manning band line-up plus some noted special guests, this time including Chlöe Herington (Knifeworld, Chrome Hoof), John Young (Lifesigns, Asia, Scorpions, Greenslade), Marek Arnold (Seven Steps to the Green Door, Toxic Smile), Ian 'Walter' Fairbairn (Jack the Lad, Hedgehog Pie), Stephen Dundon (Molly Bloom).

5th July 2013

Next gigs Updated! See the LIVE page for details
logo AE Jump
28th March 2013

Sadly, the events for the Saturday and Sunday have had to be cancelled but the Friday night show with Riverside and Jolly will still go ahead as promised and is going to be a great bill!

We are very sad that we cannot appear as hoped, but can assure you that the Promoters have done all in their power to save the Festival. Hopefully it may come back at a future date.
5th March 2013

CRS BOTY awards, Steve Hackett & New Album Progress!

AndyIt is indeed a nice thing when recognition is finally given!

Last night at the Classic Rock Society's Best of the Year awards for 2012,
our good friend Andy Tillison was awarded the prestigous "Outstanding Contribution to Music" award, presented to him by music legend 'Whispering' Bob Harris.

Well done that man!

Naturally, as it WAS the Annual BOTYs once again, Steve Hackett,
(guitarist extraordinaire) also took advantage of my being in attendance to grab his prized copy of MANNINGS latest "AKOUSTIK" album to add to his burgeoning MANNING CD collection!

Well the BOTYS would not be the same without this regular encounter! Ed)

On the new album front, we can report that the Sax, Cello and Fiddle sessions are now completed! Next up is the Flute before the core band get stuck in.... plus, the addition of some other special guests!

The band is also rehearsing hard for it's debut (with this new line-up) at Y-PROG
in March.

We hope to see you there, there may be some surprises!

24th February 2013

MANNING - New Studio album named for 2013

rootIt is to be called "The Root, the Leaf & the Bone" and is set for
Autumn 2013 release.

9 new tracks have been composed (in no fixed running order yet):
1. The Root, the Leaf & the Bone
2. Old School
3. The Forge
4. Autumn Song
5. The Huntsman & the Poacher
6. Decon(struction) Blues
7. Mists of Morning calling to the Day
8. The Palace of Delights
9. Amongst the Sleepers

The recording line-up will comprise of current (and newly revised) MANNING band plus some Special Guests (TBA).

It is envisaged that the bulk of this new material will be premiered with the 2013 live dates.

2013 – The year of the MANNING Great Excavation tour!

Photos: Kevin Brudenell-Maylin

12th December 2012

Steve Dundon leaves to devote more time to his own band, Molly Bloom!

SDA Statement From Steve Dundon

"I can’t believe it’s been six years since Guy contacted me to ask if
I fancied playing some flute for what would become "Anser's Tree". 'Margaret Montgomery' was the first track I played on and it remains my firm favourite to this day. Playing flute for Manning has been a honour for the last six years and it’s brought some great musical rewards. Playing in Europe and The USA is something I will never forget. It's been a pleasure to share a stage with all of the past and present musicians, I have witnessed extreme professionalism from them all.

I guess I’m one of the longest standing band members to record and go on the road with Manning and that has not made it easy to say “it’s time to move on”

I honestly felt sick when I told Guy, but as I said to him 51% of me
is fighting to leave against a big 49% that wants to stay. I just feel I
can't commit to another year set in stone when I want to do the
same for Molly Bloom (the band I have been the lead singer and flautist in for the last 12 years).

I still feel really crappy, even though Guy is OK with my decision.

Six years is a long time to build up relationships with Guy, Julie and Kris plus all the band members that have come and gone and are still present and s,o I honestly feel like I've asked for a divorce!

It is a hard part of being in a big band that when people leave, you do build a relationship with them and to be
honest all of the members since I joined have been smashing people as well as top musicians.

I'm going to be seriously jealous if I see another flautist up on stage with my mates, especially if they are better
than me (tut) as I will always feel like I am Guy's flautist! 

Fortunatel,y I don’t live too far away from Guy and so it’s very likely we’ll stay in touch, who knows we might do a joint gig together, Manning and Molly Bloom. As Guys says...'Never say Never!'

I really do wish the Manning band all my very best for the 2013 tour.

Damn it, I bet Guy will charge me for a ticket next time to see 'em !"


A Statement From Guy

"As I read the "AKOUSTIK" album reviews that are now coming in, I realise that it has been one of the main
benefits of my musical career, to be able to work with fabulous players like Steve.
He has always made it so much fun! plus, he grounded me and the whole band and stopped us from being
'po faced' and taking ourselves far too seriously!

The trips to Europe and the USA would simply not have been the same without him there and I'll miss him being
at my side up on stage. However, nothing stops me from going to watch Molly Bloom in action!

We will always remain great buddies and I love him to bits...so I will make sure we do stay in touch! and he has agreed to be the 'Special guest' flautist whenever we need him! (which is just as well as the new album has lots
of flute parts written in it especially for him!)"


All at MANNING HQ want to wish Steve all the best with promoting Molly Bloom (long over due!!)

11th November 2012


voce ag

"Owing to the recently announced lineup changes in THE TANGENT, the concerts in NOVEMBER at which the Tangent were to appear will now be replaced by four informal gigs by Andy Tillison and former Tangent member Guy Manning who also fronts his own band, 'Manning' ".

This long overdue 2 man show will call on music from the intertwining careers
of both artists and is promised to be light hearted and exceedingly varied!

These concerts will be played as support to the remarkable West Midlands based
band IO Earth who will be providing an excellent full band show.

14th October 2012


AkoustikMerchThe brand new album "Akoustik" is now officially released!

The first reviews are startng to come in already

The Official UK release date is 1st October 2012 on
Festival Music (F2).

You can order it now via the ORDERS tab

Album details can be found via the RELEASES tab.

We have now completed our run of 3 final UK dates with the current line-up and were very happy to see some of you there to support and say goodbye to Kevin and Chris. Their last show was at Summer's End Festival 2012, where we went down very well indeed!

Work has already started on the new 2013 set list and also the new 2013 Studio album!

Concert dates for 2013 are also being booked. Busy times indeed!

1st October 2012

MANNING line-up changes - David Million rejoins the line-up

David MillionWe are pleased to announce that former MANNING guitarist extraordinaire, David Million is returning to the fold for both Elektrik and Akoustik work!
David will be the sole lead guitarist when Kev and Chris depart (after Summers End in September), so he has alot of work to do in replacing both these fabulous players, but David is well up for the challenge!

A Statement From David Million

"It is fantastic to be working with Guy again. 

Following a successful appearance at the Cambridge Rock Festival in 2009,
I left the Manning line-up and focused myself on some pressing personal and work issues.  Whilst I was away, Manning continued to flourish and develop. I think the work done by Chris Catling and Kev Currie has been consistently strong and coming back to play a solo guitar role that covers both areas is, to say the least, a bit of a challenge. Those guys are extremely talented and accomplished players and to follow either of them is a scary prospect.

My relationship with Guy has always been dynamic but underpinned by a tremendous sense of being on the same page.  Our work together on 'Anser’s Tree', '...Bilston House. and .Number Ten. provided ample evidence that we are on a similar wavelength and looking ahead, it is exciting to think about the new projects to come.

More important than anything is the knowledge that I can once more stand alongside Guy and play to a loyal fan base that understands and appreciates the work that goes into making this kind of music. The thing I have missed the most has been the warmth and support of some lovely people who turn out in the most unholy weather conditions, travel great distances and show their affection for Guy and the band.

There is a distinct sense of coming home in all of this but things have moved on, the music is more dynamic, the playing is even better and the line-up change means that I will have my work cut out.  With a band this good and knowing that Guy is ready to deliver even better material than before, it seems like a worthwhile endeavour indeed and to say I am fizzing with anticipation, is something of an understatement.

It’s been 3 years since I wandered off but the bond that exists between me and Guy is as strong as it ever was.  He writes great music, inspires my playing and he can reach out to a wide audience and hold them spellbound with his music and his lyrics.  Being a part of that relationship was and still is a privilege.  I predict more great music, great live entertainment and ceaseless banter as Manning enters its next incarnation.

I wish Chris and Kev the very best as they venture forth into their own new territory and promise to safeguard their musical legacy (and my own, for that matter) with Manning. I also look forward to reacquainting myself with Guy’s fans and friends."


16th August 2012

MANNING line-up changes coming later in the year! A NEW GUITARIST is needed!

We have known for a little while now that our two Electric guitar players (Chris Catling and Kevin Currie), having moved away from the North of England where the band is based, would find it increasingly hard to stay a part of the MANNING line-up. So, we sat down, discussed it and agreed that we'd put a time frame on changing the band format.

We can now reveal that it is planned for the Summers End Festival performance, in late September 2012 to be, very sadly, their last gig with the band. A glorious send off if ever there was one!

We have tried to keep the current set list fairly static for the next European, UK and Festival appearances so as to retain the line-up in its current form for as long as possible plus the current combination of pieces has gone down extremely well in concert so far but, like any active band, we will of course need to change the live show set list plus write and record brand new material.

So there is the challenge for any available Guitarists out there! we only want to recruit ONE all rounder versatile, creative player to bring their own brand of virtuosity on board.....so you'll have to be damn good!
We plan to audition immediately as there is now new material to start to write/record and a new set to devise for 2013.

This is a challenging role, but we can honestly say that this is also a great band to be part of. Our standing and reputation is formidable and the music is really tremendous to perform live and the new creation process always fascinating. So... Mr or Mrs Rock God Guitarist..... please get in touch!
Anybody interested in trying out should write to us at guym@guymanning.com asap.

Statement From Guy Manning

It is always sad losing any band member and this time we have two going off together (well not together, together but at the same time! Ed.)

Chris and Kev are both fabulous guys and great players and have supported me and the rest of Manning brilliantly for some years now. It will really not be the same without them but we will, I know, forever remain close friends.

We travelled to RoSFEST together, played ProgMeister Festival, DanFest, the Cambridge Rock Festival a few times and many CRS plus other assorted UK dates . We also recorded/performed some fantastic music together.

Sadly, geography got in the way...I wish them well with everything they do from here on in and any outfit they join will be very lucky indeed to have them, but it is not over just yet though, we still have a few gigs to do with them, thankfully! The Europe experience is next!!!!

I'll leave the rest of this bulletin to the guys themselves...


Statement From Chris Catling

"During my time as a gigging musician, I have found that it’s very easy to convince yourself that you are involved in some noble pursuit. The reaction from listeners and live audiences (when things go well) almost tricks you into thinking that you are performing some generous service. But the reality is that we make music because we enjoy it and if we were to ever stop enjoying it, we would stop doing it. Sadly this means that despite its ostensible nobility, sometimes music has to take a back seat, and so it is to be with my current involvement with Manning. Regretfully I have to announce that this year’s run of gigs will be my last with Guy.

Guy has worked me incredibly hard over the past couple of years and has probably shown me more of music’s various facades than I could have hoped to experience. The stress and strain of putting together some ridiculously complex, and more importantly, lengthy songs contrasts perfectly with the highs of traveling abroad and playing to hundreds of people (and signing autographs?!). But saliently Guy has made me work at my playing, taught me when to shut up, when to wail noisily, and I am a better musician for it. And that would have to be the ultimate recommendation to whoever has the balls to take my place.

Although I’m not quite done yet, may the final furlong be as rocking as the road past. Most importantly, thanks to Guy, ‘the guys’, and all the people who have made it all more than worthwhile."


Statement From Kev Currie

"After I moved away from the spiritual home of the Manning Band it
became more and more difficult to justify the long hours away from home and family. Lugging my amp around was also taking its toll on my back, so after a lot of thought I have made the difficult decision to retire from
this illustrious group of musicians whom I count as my friends first and foremost.

So my thanks. My thanks to Guy for the enthusiasm, endless imagination and pushing me way beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Thanks too to Julie who looks after us all.

To Steve, David M, Chris and Tim for their sense of humour and allowing me to play with such talented guys.

To Dave A for showing me what attention to detail and dedication was all about.

Thanks too to Kris for noticing the shit on that bar in America and for showing me Tims' Gettysberg autograph at the airport!

I have had a whale of a time and will always remember the great gigs we have played together for the good people who have supported our efforts. Finally good luck to the new guys, you'll have a great time.

So then, one Carlesbro 150W amp for sale - One careful owner, apply Kev Currie, former Manning Guitarist
(well after Summers End at least).

Kev (facing the final curtain) Currie"


The Next UK Manning Performance


Please come along and support the band

Please support the Classic Rock Society

We play these gigs to meet you

So....Support LIVE music !!

14th May 2012

2012 LIVE DATES and the CRS BOTY Awards for 2011

MANNING Live in 2012 on the "...It's not the end of the World!" tour
Advance tickets are now on sale for some of the dates in the LIVE Calendar

GREAT NEWS!: The band are to play their first EUROPEAN dates as part of the 2012 tour alongside The Tangent ...... ...these dates are not to be missed!

Sat. Sept 8th 2012 - Double headliner gig in York with DeeExpus just booked!

<<< See the LIVE Page for a venue near you and the links to TICKET

<<< See the
CONTACT page - The MANNING competition page has
<<< also been reinstated!!

<<< HELP US! - we need your involvement with regard to a MANNING
<<< LIVE album - So please click here <CLICK>



<<< Steve Hackett attends the Classic Rock Society 'Best of the Year' (for 2011) awards ceremony to pick up his award for 'Best Guitarist' and of course to make sure he can obtain a copy of the latest MANNING album... (....as he has done for the last 3 years running!!)

<<< Here is Steve, proudly displaying his prized copy of MANNING's "Margaret's Children"

<<< Congratulations to Steve on his great new album ("Beyond the Shrouded Horizon") and for his deservedly won CRS award.

Congratualtions too go to Luke Machin for being awarded the 'Best New Band' credit for his band Concrete Lake and also to our mate Andy Tillison for managing to get not one but TWO tracks from "COMM" into the Top 5 'Best Tracks of the Year'! (...which we think is quite something...)


As the full award listings for the CRS BOTYS are now published, we can reveal that MANNING were in the Top Ten for four awards this time around: Best Album, Best Bass Player, Best Gig and Best Male Vocalist!

28th April 2012

MANNING - New Live Line-up announced, Classic Rock Presents Prog and more....

So here we are just before the Seasonal break and as well as wanting to wish you all a very Merry Christmas/Chanukah and a Happy, Peaceful New Year, we need to complete our 2011 activities with some late announcements!

We let you know recently, that Tim Leadbeater, the Manning keyboards player for the last two years had decided
to leave the band for a 'quieter life!'...well we are very pleased to be able to tell you that our new keyboards player
for 2012 and beyond will be Mr. Martin Thiselton. His full resume can be found on the site Biography page.
A well established arranger / composer / performer, Martin also plays the Viola and Violin, which I am sure will
come in very useful indeed!

Also, we have now parted company with drummer, Joe Casey.

We wish him well with all his future projects.

Coming in to bat for us on Drums & Percussion is Mr. Rick Henry.

Again, find a lot more out about Rick
on the Biography page.

More interviews have now been published here on our Press page, garnered from articles on web sites and published magazines.

On Dec 28th 2011, the new issue of CLASSIC ROCK PRESENTS PROG publishes it's Xmas edition with a very nice sized article in it all about the band (as a follow up to the fabulous "Margaret's Children" review we got in the previous issue). The track "The Southern Waves" is also featured on their covermount CD, 'Prognosis 2.2'.
We hope you will like these and also the great photos from the session we did with professional photographer, Stuart Wood. See our Press page.

2012 promises far more live concert performances from us including SUMMERS END FESTIVAL 2012, CAMBRIDGE ROCK FESTIVAL 2012 and some long overdue European dates!!!

For up to the minute information, please make sure you keep on coming back and check out the Live page and also sign up for our exclusive Mailing list (at top of the page)

OK, that's about it for 2011.... It has been another great year for us!
We hope you have enjoyed it too....

See you all down the road in 2012 and thanks once again for all your support...
...it is so very much appreciated!

Take care
GuyM, Julie, Kris, Kev, Chris, Steve, Martin & Rick

28th December 2011
New album "MARGARET'S CHILDREN" - MORE REVIEWS!! + Check the LIVE Section!

New MANNING ALBUM "Margaret's Children" Cat: 201111
Official Release Date 7th Nov 2011 on Festival Music (F2)

<< Now available to buy via 'ORDERS'
<< First Album sample now available via 'LISTEN'
<< First Reviews now published via 'PRESS

"Again, there's copper-bottomed songcraft on display here.These people are lovingly placed into their musical worlds, and live and breathe...there's also something of the spirit of a Robert Wyatt about this Guy. He really sells these tales, with an eccentric English spirit and unerring
conviction. Wordy, heady, perplexing and joyous,
Margaret's Children is an album to get lost in"
Classic Rock Presents Prog (Grant Moon)

"As always Manning handles the bulk of the musicianship but surrounds himself with an eclectic cast of players...It’s an amazing group of individuals executing some amazing music....It’s classic progressive rock in my books... I would suggest that
any self-respecting fan of the genre should have more than a few of his titles in their collection and certainly Margaret’s Children is a great place to start that collection. Recommended." Jerry Lucky for The Progressive Files

"I didn't think Guy Manning would produce an album to beat Charlestown but in Margaret's Children I reckon he may well have just done that!"
John Sealey
at Progressive Ears

"For those unfamiliar, I can only suggest that he is an artist you need to get to know as soon as possible as it really is artists like this that do make a difference in the world of music....Twelve years and twelve albums in, Guy Manning continues to
release material that is prolific, memorable and of the highest order
. 10/10" John O'Boyle for the DPRP

"....This is intelligent Progressive rock music of the highest order...a band at the top of their game...an album of tremendous ensemble and solo excellence from all the instrumentalists...Guy really is an amazing Storyteller"
Paul Jerome Smith for Fireworks Magazine

"Margaret's Children reaches the level of Manning's best albums ... I learned not to squander highest rating, and so here I will give four and a half stars...but do not fail to mention that the latest album Manning is one of the three best records that I've heard this year" Paul Tryba for ProgRock.org.pl

"Margaret's Children" is the Manning masterpiece, because we have a nagging urge at the end of listening to it to immediately press "Play" again. I highly recommend this album if you like folk-progressive rock. It is not about to leave your player! 5/5 Stars" JPL for Music In Belgium (translated)

"‘ Margaret’s Children’ is a triumph from start to finish. I’ve listened to it on trains, in cars and even on my computer at home from where I write this review and every time I discover something different".
Phil Jackson for Acid Dragon Magazine

"The stand out piece for me though has to be the closing track'The Soutrhern Waves', with one of t
he best guitar solos I have heard for a very long time. Superbly done! Margaret's Children' could well be the best Manning album so far"
Miles Bartaby for Rock Society Magazine

" A very powerful collection of songs done by one of the most prolific and talented singers/songwriters to appear by the new millenium.There are not really highlights on this album. Every track is a little jewel on itself....
onclusion: another prog rock masterpiece done by one of today´s finest songwriters...5/5 Stars" Progressive Archives (1)

"...the more you play it, the more you'll like it.
Growers are almost the best albums, aren't' they?
5/6 Stars" Rockreport.be

"...Last year's Charlestown was a strong release and therefore set the bar high for its follow-up and I am happy to report that Margaret's Children is more than equal to its predecessor. 8.5/10" Bob Mulvey Editor for the DPRP

" I will enjoy Margaret's Children for many years to come, it is outstanding...
5/5 Stars
" Progressive Archives (2)

"I have three other albums awaiting review and fear that I may have to delegate the job due to the fact that every time I attempt to play some music “Margaret’s Children” is first into the machine!" The Progmeister


The album is the sequel to the acclaimed "Anser's Tree" (2006) and we can now discover more of the life stories
from the ANSER family tree. Each week, in the run up to the release, we released a character biography for each of the SEVEN new album tracks


We hope you will enjoy these items, they were a lot of fun to construct!
Album cover artwork and original family tree poster were created by Ed Unitsky.

20th December 2011
Tim Leadbeater retires! The hunt for a new KEYS PLAYER starts

We have to report the sad news that our principal keys player Tim Leadbeater has announced his intention to leave the band at Xmas.Here is a statement from Tim.

"I joined Manning in the nick of time to rehearse up for Rosfest 2010 and (writing the day after Steve Jobs died)
that was a great opportunity seized and a dream come true.
But even then, I knew it was a commitment piled on top of much else - not least running a whole other, 11-piece, band.

And so, having hung in there to support production of a new album and bed in new drummers (metaphorically you
understand), it is finally time to give myself a break.
I'm told you can check out but never leave. (This is very true! Ed.)

I'm certainly not trying to prove something different, but there must be somebody out there whose time has come to 'fire up the Fantom G8!' "
On behalf of all the members of MANNING, I want to wish Tim continued success with the Beatleaders and a restful dotage!

Tim has kindly agreed to stay with us while we find someone to take on his duties but, if we can manage a transition switfly, then the December gig will be his last with us, sadly. Please come along and wish him Bon Voyage!

A new keyboards player has been recruited and will take over from Tim after this gig.
More details will be revealed then!

Email guym@guymanning.com

10th October 2011
Akoustik Manning - Cambridge Rock Festival appearance

We hope to see some of you at this hallowed event tomorrow (Friday 5th August)
There are a number of fine acts involved and we hit the Classic Rock Stage at about 5:15pm!

We will be featuring some 'other' more forgotten (and more acoustic) gems from the Manning back catalogue in an 'unplugged' format which we hope you will like and sing along to!

Please say 'Hello!"

We have also got a late (and possibly last) review of "CHARLESTOWN" which is very complimentary indeed...the album has brought us alot more attention (after only 10 years!)
In particular the 35 minute title track. (...or album in its own right, if this was 1972 Ed.!)

"...a milestone in the recent history of symphonic progressive"
"...one of the best and more complete symphonic prog tracks of the new millennium. Do yourself a favour and check it out…now!" T
he complete review is featured on our Press pages.

We believe that 'Margaret's Children' (due out Nov 2011) is a worthy successor!

4th August 2011

Please welcome Mr. Joe Casey!

We are pleased to announce that we have secured the services of
Mr. Joe Casey as our new Drummer/Percussionist!

To find out more about the latest MANNING recruit please visit his biography page.

Meanwhile, back at BURNSIDE, we are about to go into the mixing and production stage for our new album "Margaret's Children".

You should be able to hear the results of all this activity in the first week of November 2011!

Launch events will be posted nearer the time so keep watching!

28th July 2011

Leon Camfield closes the Margaret's Children recording sessions

Leon Camfield (percussionist/drummer extraordinaire with TINYFISH) travelled up North to play percussion for the new album recently! He played a vast assortment of 'tradtional' percussion (congas, bongos, bell tree, triangles, shakers, cabasa, incantation bells, triangles, blocks) as well as experimenting with Roland Sound Pad samples, newspaper and kitchen utensils!

Leon's work marks the end of recordings for the album with some redubs planned next before going into the mix and production phases.

The artwork for the package is also nearly completed with just some unusual photos
of the Manning band left to add in!

Following our request for vocal New Yorkers, we had quite a few entries sent in (and so we thank all who contributed very much) but we have now selected our special guest 'MC for the Savoy', none other than US music maestro, Phideaux!!

8th July 2011

New York 'voice over' needed!

On the new forthcoming album, there is a track called "HARRIET HORDEN (1912 - 1955) [A Night At The Savoy, 1933]", set in a New York Jazz club.

The track has a live-ish feel to it so, we have added audience FX to the track to try give it some realistic 'ambience'.
Guy has also recorded the MC introduction for it, but to be honest, it sounds really fake...what is really needed, is a recording of a REAL LIVE american introducing "the band". Here is the actual phrase we need:"Ladies & Gentlemen, the Savoy is proud to present...Miss Harriet Horden...".
(Horden is pronounced accenting the HOR part ..HOREDEN)
Try to get into character with it and maybe provide a few alternate versions!
Please send a high quality MP3 or WAV/AIFF of it to guym@guymanning.com.

We'll use the one that we all agree (here) sounds the best / most at home.

An album credit awaits!

29th June 2011


Marek Arnold (of Toxic Smile and other projects) has kindly offered to add some Clarinet and Sax parts on the new MANNING album.

Meanwhile works continues at a pace with parts arriving via FTP/Email etc. from the other players plus weekly sessions at Burnside.

Tim 'Mouse' Lawrie is helping me out with some Sound Advice on the production side this time too, which is great.

More Guest contributions will announced very soon hopefully!

The ELEKTRIK line-up now goes quiet for a while while we audition new drummers before returning to live work in the Autumn.

AKOUSTIK, next stop is a welcome return to the Cambridge Rock Festival in August (See LIVE Dates)

5th June 2011

CHANGES... as JohnK departs

A statement from John Kennard
"Getting a call from Guy Manning back in September last year was the start of one of the biggest musical challenges I’ve ever faced: learning a >90-minute set (with some darned complicated songs in it!) in four weeks, ready to play at that most esteemed of venues, The Peel. Somehow, and with the aid of beer and mirrors (thank you Dec), I pulled it off.Since then, we’ve played some great gigs together. The feedback I’ve received from the audience, both at the gigs and online, has been unexpected and really rather wonderful– thank you! Now then...
The business I’m a partner in is, most unreasonably, becoming rather successful. This, in turn is creating greater and greater demands on my time, and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to devote the time I need to keep my playing skills sufficiently honed for such a tight, professional-sounding band.
We have something of a break now, with no “Elektrik” gigs until October, so now is a good time for me to do the decent thing and bow out, giving the lads & lass a good while to find someone who does have the time, skills and capacity for drinking Australian Ginger Beer to take my place on the drum stool.I shall, of course, fulfil my commitment to arranging/recording parts and vocals for the upcoming album, "Margaret’s Children". (Just you try and stop me - BOY are you lot in for a treat with this one!). But, I’m afraid, no more will the Raucous Roto-toms of RacingHippo be seen behind Guy’s head.
For which I’m sure Guy will be grateful.
A shame, because it really has been great, but needs must and all that. " JK

A statement from Guy Manning

"On behalf of the band, I would like to publically thank John for the tremendous effort and dedication he has put in to make our 2010/2011 dates so very very positive.
Learning to perform 'Charlestown' is no mean feat I can tell you!
John is stepping out of the limelight here, but is still behind the scenes working very hard with me now on the new album; so we have not seen the last of the Hippo!"

This leaves us now on the hunt for a new drummer!
Can applicants please form an orderly queue or email me!

16th May 2011


Seven new tracks have now been created!

FLEMING BARRAS (1645 - ????)
[The Year Of Wonders]

JORGEN BARRAS (1834 - 1900)
[Revelation Road]

AMY QUARTERMAINE (1862 - 1916)
[A Perfect Childhood]

HARRIETT HORDEN (1912 - 1955)
[A Night At The Savoy 1933]

JAMES FAIRFAX (1922 - 1945)
[An Average Man]

AMELIA FAIRFAX (1926 - 2010)
[Black Silk Sheets Of Cairo]

DAVID LOGAN (1967 - 2022)
[The Southern Waves]

Work continues as we start to get the additional electric guitars, bass, flute recorded.
No release date has been agreed yet, but we are enjoying the album creation process and hopefully should be able to announce some Special Guest contributions very soon!

2nd May 2011

PROGMEISTER PROGFEST 2011 - A Great Success!


Manning were very pleased to announce that they had been invited to headline the brand new Progfest in Teeside!
This special one day event took place at
The Studio, Hartlepool, UK.

For all the latest feedback from the event please visit
the Progmeister web site.

+ More album reviews published (mainly in FRENCH!)

28th Mar 2011
CRS Awards 2010

MANNING were very pleased to be nominated for best track ("Charlestown") of the year 2010 by the members of the Classic Rock Society at the recent awards ceremony.
Sonya Kristina was this years guest presenter.

Kris Hudson-Lee was also nominated as best bass player of 2010.

Steve Hackett dropped by and of course demanded his copy of the last album. Steve had grabbed a copy of "Number Ten" at the previous years event and obviously wanted to keep his Manning album collection up to date!

<< Here is Steve, proudly displaying his prized copy...

We kick off our first 2011 concert dates on Sat March 12th
(again for the CRS) with our guests JUMP and we do hope some
of you can make it down there to support the band.

6th Mar 2011
Margaret's Children (Anser's Tree II)

Work has now commenced on writing material towards a next 12th MANNING studio album!In fine MANNING tradition, we are going to revisit one of our own previous works
to discover more about the family first explored on the 2006 concept album,

7 prototype pieces are being fleshed out by the band at present and some of these new tracks may very well find their way onto some of our 2011 date setlists.

We are very pleased to announce that the fabulous Ed Unitsky has agreed to reprise and re-engineer his original cover artwork for this sequel. A small version can be seen opposite or over on the RELEASES page.

We are still hoping that 2011 will finally be the year of the long anticipated documenting of MANNING LIVE in the form of an album/DVD package. Plans are afoot for an Autumn filming schedule.

Meanwhile, 3 more MANNING albums get the digital download treatment.
This time, "CASCADE" ,"THE RAGGED CURTAIN" and "THE VIEW FROM MY WINDOW" have been made available for you. Please check the Albums on the RELEASES page for the links.

1st Mar 2011

Welcome to 2011!
As the reviews continue to arrive, we are updating our Press tab with the latest views!
More gigs are now being booked for the year, so please keep returning often to get the latest information.
You can also sign up to our mailing list (See top of page)

Manning “Charlestown" by Jerry Lucky (The Progressive Rock Files)
"I’ve been a fan for quite a while, but I say this with no embarrassment, Charlestown is Guy Manning’s masterpiece! It’s one of those CDs where everything fits so well. It’s everything prog is all about. For the uninitiated Manning will remind you of The Strawbs, Roy Harper, Al Stewart and Jethro Tull all wrapped up into one. If you’ve yet to sample his music Charlestown is a great place to start. I highly recommend it."

4th Feb 2011
Classic Rock Presents Prog Interview & Live Review

The DECEMBER 2010 Edition includes a candid interview with Guy plus a live review from the "CHARLESTOWN" launch gig at the PEEL in London.

The articles can also be found HERE along with a Video review of
the new album on LiveProg plus an important US review from ProgressiveWorld.

In case this is our last short term update...on behalf of Guy and all the MANNING band, may I take this opportunity to wish you all a
very Merry Xmas/Chanukah etc. and a peaceful and Happy New Year.

2010 has been a fantastic year for us, with ROSFEST, gigs in the
UK and great new album...it has been fabulous!

So have a good rest and we'll see you all in 2011!!!

P.S. Don't forget to join our bulletins mailing list (see above) .

2nd Jan 2011
MANNING to headline new festival in 2011! / DPRP Round Table reviews!


Manning are very pleased to announce that they have been invited to headline the brand new Progfest in
Teeside on Sat. March 26th 2011.

This special one day event will take place at
The Studio, Hartlepool, UK.

Tickets for the event go on sale on Monday 20th Dec 2010.

For all the latest news on the event please visit the
Progmeister web site.

published a 3 man ROUND TABLE REVIEW of "CHARLESTOWN" (their ratings and feedback about the new album were impressive!)

PLUS, there is also a full interview with Guy speaking to Geoff Feakes.

The articles can be found at http://www.dprp.net or HERE

Manning “Charlestown" by
John O'Boyle (DPRP)

"I would like to tip my hat here to the Guy and the band for what they have created here. I strongly believe that you are not going to come across another album as good as this in 2010, although there have been some quality contenders. This is the first 10 out of 10 that I have rewarded, EVER and I strongly believe that this masterpiece truly deserves that accolade."

Manning “Charlestown" by Geoff Feakes (DPRP)

"Whilst in the past Guy has often blended elements of folk, jazz and mainstream rock into his sound, Charlestown is for me his most fully realised prog-rock album to date. It’s a skilfully produced, free flowing work and along the way classic bands like Yes, Genesis and Jethro Tull are hinted at without ever once resorting to plagiarism...Musically there is a wonderful attention to detail throughout whilst the lyrics tell stories that are both easy to absorb as well as being thought provoking. Instrumentally Guy is in full
command throughout particularly in his abundant use of keyboards with stellar support from the aforementioned contributing musicians. My final rating therefore (10 out of 10) serves as both an acknowledgement of the excellence of this release as well as being in recognition of Guy’s long and fruitful service to the genre of progressive rock. "

Manning “Charlestown" by Bob Mulvey (DPRP)
"Concluding my review of The Ragged Curtain I said: So the burning question is would I spend my hard earned cash on this album?" Yes was the answer then and yes is the answer now. A fine piece of work that deserves to reside in any self respecting prog collection..."

17th Dec 2010


MANNING are featured in the November 2010 edition.

The track, CHARLESTOWN (EDIT) is Track #2 on the Cover Disc
(Prognosis 12)

Inside, there is a full review of the whole album.

"It's his most adventurous album to date, a release where one discovers even more inlays of beauty and mood after each listen, but because of the well-crafted way in which the textures and layers of this particular composition at least are structured,as well as the airy production which allows the tracks to breathe, it perhaps is far more accessible..." A copy of all the reviews in full can be found HERE

Manning “Charlestown" by
Ron Fuchs (ProgNaut)

"Opening is the epic title track, “Charlestown“ (35:09), and what a way to open the album with. This track alone is worth the price of admission. Guy just keeps upping the ante with each release. Charlestown, is by far his best album to date. There’s everything on this song, from some roaring Hammond, passionate flute, acoustic & electric guitars and of course, Guy’s vocals. He has a talent for laying out his emotions when he sing

Manning “Charlestown" by
Steve Petch (The Progmeister)

"This really is prog as good as it gets...Did we like this album? You bet your ass we did. Guy Manning has recorded his best work yet with Charlestown and with the aid of gold standard musicians created a tour de force. Beautifully packaged and oozing quality, miss this one at your peril."

Manning “Charlestown" by
Fab.Prog (Progressive Archives)

"Charlestown deserves to be a candidate for best album of 2010, Charlestown now undoubtedly will be one
of my favorite albums of all time..."

Manning “Charlestown" by
Jerry Fecher (Manning Website)

"As an ardent listener of Manning over the past few years, please convey to Guy Manning that I recently received my pre-order of the latest Manning album Charlestown and it is absolutely amazing, from the great
multi-faceted title track through to the blazing instrumental at the end. This is music of a depth that few others even approach. Kudos to Guy and the band for producing such a gem, and keep up the good work!
This disc will not stray far from my player..."Cheers,Jerry Fecher
San Diego, California

Manning “Charlestown" by
David MacLeod (Progressive Archives)
"If you only get one album this year, make it this one!"

Manning “Charlestown" by Alex P. Torres (Amazon Top 100 Reviewer)
"Charlestown, is a credit to English music making in general, whatever the genre.
It deserves great plaudits: more than that, it deserves a large audience; it deserves to be heard.

When you release an album in which one of the compositions is 35 minutes long,
over half the duration of the 6 in total, then that composition had better be good.
Well, it's not only good, it is nothing short of perfect!..."

Manning “Charlestown" by
Toroddfuglesteg (Progressive Archives)

"Guy Manning has released another excellent album which cements his position as one of the three best British prog rock artists in today's scene. Charlestown is also his best ever album. It is not a masterpiece, but it is a close call though!..."

Manning “Charlestown" by GermanZero (Progressive Archives)
"I heard this album over 20 times and it never ceases to amaze me, really is an excellent album..."

Manning “Charlestown" by Textbook (Progressive Archives Forum)
"These expensive sounding, pleasant musicians just drift around like they're auditioning for a pierside show or something while Manning ocassionally comes in sounding like the offspring of Ian Anderson and a goat..."

16th Nov 2010





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