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Kev Currie - Electric, Acoustic & 12 String Guitars & Backing Vocals

Kev’s musical life started with the drums, but incessant banging on pots and pans drove his mum wild (and left her with not much to cook with), so he was sent to his Grandfather to learn something else. So at the age of 10 he started playing the guitar.

Fast forward 10 years and we find him playing in a five piece rock outfit touring the midland universities at a time when rock was well out of fashion and in most bands of the time, no-one could sing and drummers weren’t needed (the dreaded 80’s). Just on the point of agreeing a record deal with an independent label the band imploded under the sheer weight of creative responsibility in a musical era which for the most part, had not a shred of musical creativity.

What followed was essentially a wilderness of playing in pub rock covers bands and blues trios. Great fun, but most of the time the audience were there to drink not listen to blues standards! So for ten years or so he spent most of his time on individual recording projects providing backing for other artists in recording studios and composing his own music.

How he met Guy was fairly simple. He’d played in a covers band with Phil (Wilkes) who was at that time, the MANNING keyboard player. Phil called him up to say Guy was looking for guitar players and the rest, as they say, is history.

With a laid back attitude (well most of the time anyway) and a versatile approach to playing, he fitted in well with the complexity required of Guys musical genre, and provides a dependable cornerstone of the Manning sound

Kev answers questions about all things MANNING during the 2013 "Root" Sessions <READ ME>












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