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The Ragged Curtain {2002 Original Version}

Mechanical Release - October 2002
Cyclops Records - Catalogue Number CYCL115

Digital Release - February 2011
Removed - May 2016

The Ragged Curtain {Extended Edition}
Includes a bonus track

Mechanical Release - November 2013
Festival Music (F2) - Catalogue Number 201312A

No longer officially available to download.

Please report if this is still available online to:

The Ragged Curtain Downloads

Press & Lyrics Pack
A Place to Hide MP3


* Guy Manning: Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Bass, Mandolin and Vocals
* Laura Fowles: Sax and Vocals
* Gareth Harwood: Electric guitar
* Rick Ashton: Bass
* Jonathan MacDonald Binns: Drums
* Angela Gordon (Courtesy of Mostly Autumn): Flute
* Andy Tillison (Courtesy of The Tangent and PO90): Keyboards
* Neil Harris: Keyboards

* Extended Edition Bonus Track

  Song Title Duration
1 A Ripple from 'Ragged Curtains' 00:40
  The Marriage of Heaven & Hell  
2 Tightrope 10:40
3 A Place To Hide 04:56
4 Where Do All the Madmen Go? 06:32
5 Stronger 05:33
6 What Is It Worth? 06:06
7 The Weaver of Dreams 07:37
8 Ragged Curtains 25:55
  a : Flow  
  b : Sea  
  c : Waves  
  d : Stone  
  e : Tides  
  f : Sand  
  g : Undertow  
  h : Ebb  
9 * What Is It Worth? (Live) 6:00














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