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The View from my Window

Mechanical Release - October 2003
Cyclops Records - Catalogue Number CYCL136

Digital Release - March 2011

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* Guy Manning: Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Bass, Mandolin and Vocals
* Laura Fowles: Sax and Vocals
* Andy Tillison (Courtesy of The Tangent and PO90): Keyboards
* Gareth Harwood: Electric Guitar
* Rick Ashton: Bass
* Hugh Whitaker: Drums
* Pav Chana: Percussion
* Tim Moon: Whistles and Cello


  Song Title Duration
1 Phase (the open & the widening sky) 07:23
2 The View From My Window 09:07
3 The Rut 06:23
4 After The (Tears In The) Rain 05:18
5 Blue Girl 06:14
6 Suite: Dreams 20:03
  a. Dreamian Rhapsody  
  b. On the Carousel  
  c. In Slumbers...  
  d. R.E.M  
  e. ...From Slumbers  














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