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Leon Camfield - Percussion

Leon started playing bass aged 13, before adding drums to his repertoire at 15.

He has been gigging for 18 years with various bands, but you are most likely to know him drumming with London based, Tinyfish, who's 2010 album "The Big Red Spark" won many accolades!

He also plays with jazz-tinged folk-rockers, The Stuart O'Connor Band, comedy duo Spandex Ballet, & his Post Progressive trio, My Pet Junkie.

For the 2011 "Margaret's Children" album sessions,
Leon played congas, bongos, windchime, bell tree, blocks, Roland sound pad samples, cabasa, triangle, tambourines, shakers, incantation bell, kitchen utensils, newspaper and much more!

Here is some video footage of the recording session
(beware, it is a large file though!)
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