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Marek Arnold - Clarinet & Saxes

Living in Germany, West Saxony, Marek has made music since 1996 in different bands of his own plus other bands, playing the saxophone.

He studied jazz/pop/rock Saxophone in Leipzig, Germany as well as Clarinet and Keyboards. He composes, arranges and produces in his own studio.

For Marek, the most important bands and projects have been his own ones, of course: "Toxic Smile" (since 1996) and "Seven Steps To The Green Door" (since 2004).

Marek also played keys and sax for East German artrock legend "Stern Combo Meissen" (since 2010) and new ProgMetal-project "Flaming Row" (since 2009).

Marek also plays along side Guy in UPF (United Progressive Fraternity)

Here are some links to his music:


Marek has appeared on "Margaret's Children" and "The Root, the Leaf & the Bone" (so far!)

Marek answers questions about all things MANNING during the 2013 "Root" Sessions <READ ME>












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