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Photo: Manning in Europe, June 2012

Here are some of the Music/Album reviews….

“This man is making some of the most innovative and diverse
music on the planet”. (Progressive Music Society)

“One of Britain's best songwriters” (Classic Rock Society)

"‘Margaret’s Children’ is a triumph from start to finish. I’ve listened to it on trains, in cars and even on my computer at home from where I write this review and every time I discover something different".
(Phil Jackson for Acid Dragon Magazine)

“This is a mature sound – this is prog for grown-ups.”
(Sea Of Tranquility)

" As always Manning handles the bulk of the musicianship but surrounds himself with an eclectic cast of players...It’s an amazing group of individuals executing some amazing music....It’s classic progressive rock in my books... I would suggest that any self-respecting fan of the genre should have more than a few of his titles in their collection and certainly “Margaret’s Children” is a great place to start that collection. Recommended."
(Jerry Lucky for ‘The Progressive Files’)

" I would like to tip my hat here to the Guy and the band for what they have created here. I strongly believe that you are not going to come across another album as good as this in 2010, although there have been some quality contenders. This is the first 10 out of 10 that I have rewarded, EVER and I strongly believe that this masterpiece truly deserves that accolade."
Manning “Charlestown" by John O'Boyle (DPRP)

"A very powerful collection of songs done by one of the most prolific and talented singers/songwriters to appear by the new millenium.There are not really highlights on this album. Every track is a little jewel on itself.... Conclusion: another prog rock masterpiece done by one of today´s finest songwriters...5/5 Stars" (Progressive Archives)

“Guy Manning is a singer/songwriter with a talent for writing epic, soul searching and ultimately beautiful songs” (Wonderous Stories magazine)

“If you are looking for something epic, romantic, exciting,
atmospheric, half-acoustic, meditative and melancholic, this record can be recommended”
(Tarkus magazine)

“…positive words for this beautiful album which fans of easy listening, well orchestrated acoustic music with folky influences will certainly relish.”
(Progressive World)

“I recommend this album to those of you who would like to try something new, and to you who like prog that really tells you something lyric wise. A so called must buy…”

“I recommend this album as Manning has created not just an album of music, but an experience.” (Progression)

“Manning is a fine composer who knows how to keep the attention of the listener and masters both writing catchy melodies and writing difficult complex instrumental parts….a recommended album for people who like a more intelligent approach to music. “
(Dutch Progressive Rock pages)

“If you care about music and the power it has to communicate on various levels, then I heartily recommend “Cascade” to you. It is beautiful, interesting, moving, thought-provoking, danceable (in spots), relaxing, energizing, reflective, moody...basically, just about everything you'd look for music.”
(Stephanie Sollow)

“This is a beautifully rounded work, featuring well written songs that really seem to strike a chord, and in the final analysis it is a superb album to simply sit down and listen to. “Cascade” is another fine album from the Manning stable and it comes highly recommended!”
(New Horizons)

“An uncommonly mature singer/songwriter, Guy Manning presents and edifice of diverse emotions, psychologically acute writing and rich textured music..every track is notable.
A superb release”
(Larry Nai – Progression USA)

“If you get to see no other ‘newish’ bands over the next few months, you should make a point of seeing these” (Rock Society Magazine)

“A real treat, what good honest, interesting, dare I say it 'progressive' rock is all about.
A wonderful blend of all the elements with out ever sounding overblown and pretentious.
A fantastic album”
(Phoenix Radio)














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