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David Million - Electric and Acoustic Guitars

A native of Leeds who has been refused permission to return there and has onsequently lived all over the place until finally landing up in Huddersfield where men are men, and the sheep are afraid.

Plagued with an obsessive desire to play guitar from a very early age, David has taken his guitar playing to the very depths of achievement, earning praise from around the World for his unique gift of playing solos in all the wrong places.

David has turned his back on the path of multi-instrumentalism, choosing to focus his incompetence on his one true love – the guitar. Many hours have been expended, honing to perfection his fleet fingered technique – and sometimes he also plays guitar.

David ran into (or should we say ‘collided with’) Guy Manning through a discussion with Andy Tillison of The Tangent and po90. At the time, Andy was hiding from the authorities up a mountain somewhere in France but using a combination of pure cunning and Google, David tracked him down for a natter. Andy remarked at the time, ‘there is this bloke called Guy Manning who is so desperate to get some guitar tracks down, he might even work with you…’.

Only a few days later, David was locked (literally) in Guy’s bijou recording kiosk at Tamla Moortown, having his mental state permanently altered by Guy’s North Korean-inspired motivational technique. A small example; ‘that was absolutely crap. Do it again’ (sound of metatarsals being gently crushed by a Hammond organ).

David’s main goal is to cram in as many blues licks as possible to Guy’s progtastic musings and to bring some life to his tiny corner of the stage. Being of similar physical proportions to Guy also has its advantages; he has managed to fool Julie a couple of times with darkened, back stage embraces. The slap in the face and the sharp kick in the shins is always worth it…..

Many have remarked that David takes life far too seriously and needs to lighten up. Hopefully, the therapy will help over time……












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