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David Albone - Drums, Percussion

David Albone began playing percussion at the age of 15 in his school orchestra after studying piano from the age of 7. By the time he was 16 he was a regular percussionist with Grimethorpe Colliery Brass Band and the Sheffield Wind Band. He also attended Wath Music Centre becoming principle percussionist in the Music Centre Orchestra and the South Yorkshire Youth Orchestra. At the same time, he established his first band - Creation - which, after wining the local working men's club talent night, spent the next year touring Yorkshire’s working men's club circuit playing the latest chart hits. The band also led a second life as a rock covers band playing the songs of Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rory Gallagher, Free and Focus to name but a few. He also played most of the hit musicals of the day, including West Side Story, at Sheffield's entertainment venues as well as numerous drumming deputy jobs in Yorkshire's working men's clubs.

At the age of 17 Dave left home to study at Huddersfield Polytechnic School of Music (now University) gaining distinction in the performer’s element of the diploma. During the 4 years he was at Huddersfield, he became the principal timpanist for the School of Music Orchestra, played kit drums in the Northern Jazz Orchestra and contributed to the promotion of new/avant garde music working alongside Richard Steinitz. Dave studied with the principle percussionist of the Halle Orchestra during this period and became a regular performer with the orchestra at venues such as Sheffield City Hall and Manchester Free Trade Hall. Dave also continued his brass band work, playing with both Brighouse and Rastrick and Black Dyke Mills in championship winning performances at The Albert Hall in London, as well as undertaking European tours.

Towards the end of his 4 years at Huddersfield, Dave was approached by Andy Tillison (now of European progressive rock band The Tangent), a recently recruited member of new wave band The Vye, who were looking for a drummer. After a quick audition, he joined and moved to Leeds where he was based for the next 20 years. While in The Vye, he toured Holland, all of the UK and released two records with the band: a single "5 Hours Till Tonight" and a track - "The Kings New Clothes" - on a compilation album (499 2139) on Elton John's Rocket Records Label. The number of the album title referred to a telephone number that bands rang up to get an audition to be on the album.

In the early 1980's Andy and Dave left The Vye to form A New Opera - a band Dave views as his most satisfying musical venture to date. Following the obligatory lack of success Dave left to try a variety of other bands - the last one of these being BUiLD - a lively 4 piece in the brit-pop style of the day playing regularly at the long gone Duchess of York in Leeds. In 1997, he took a break from playing to concentrate on family, work and studies and sold his beloved Pearl kit.

After an 8 year break the drumming itch became too much and he jumped back into the saddle and after a couple of false starts joined respected Leeds based rock covers band - Splinter. The result was a very solid and musically professional outfit that quickly won audiences over at a wide variety of venues and events.

In 2006, he worked with Fin Keating of Splinter to form a Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music tribute band - Roxyrama - with the band gradually building up a strong loyal following into 2007, with Dave leaving the band in April 2008 to concentrate on Splinter.

In September 2008 Dave took another break from regular live gigging leaving Splinter to consider what his next steps would be.

After considering complete retirement for a while, Dave was approached by an old musical acquaintance, Guy Manning, with an offer to join MANNING, an 8 piece band bringing to life Guy’s substantial back catalogue of music (10 albums at the time of writing).

In Dave’s words:

 “Working with Guy rekindled my boyish enthusiasm for playing. The chance to contribute to the arrangement and playing of original material that is enjoyed by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable audience allowed me to rediscover my all round percussive skills and make good use of my classical training. The added bonus of playing festivals in the UK and in 2010 America was something totally unexpected.”

After the success of the ROSFest gig in 2010, suffering from severe physical discomfort in his arms, Dave took the difficult decision to leave Manning and retire from being actively involved in music. He sold his equipment later that year and became an enthusiastic amateur photographer on the proceeds!

However, that was not to be the end!

When Rick Henry was unavailable, Dave kindly volunteered and stepped in to provide most of the drum parts for the 2013 release "The Root, the Leaf & the Bone".


Mapex custom Pro M/M Birch drum kit comprising:


o Pro M 10”, 12" and 14" tobacco fade hanging tom-toms
o Pro M 16" tobacco fade floor tom-tom
o M Birch 22" x 18” honey amber bass drum
o M Birch 14" x 5” honey amber snare drum


o Hi-Hats: Sabian XS20 14"
o Crash: Paiste Brass Tones 18" power; Paiste PS3 14”; Sabian XS20 18" medium thin; Sabian XS20 16" medium thin
o Ride: Paiste PS3 18” crash ride; Sabian XS20 20” medium ride
o Effects: Paiste Alpha 14” China; Sabian 10” splash; Zildjan custom 10” splash


o 8", 10" Tama chrome mini-timps
o Cowbell
o Stand mounted tambourine and various shakers
o Wind chimes
o Pearl woodblocks x 2

Electronic percussion

o Roland SPD-S sampling pad

Hardware and accessories

o Premier Tri-lock, DW, Mapex and Yamaha stands and equipment
o Pearl P120-P bass drum pedal
o Cases by Big Dog, Protection Racket and Stagg
o Drum mat by Protection Racket

Dave answers questions about all things MANNING during the 2013 "Root" Sessions <READ ME>












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