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Chlöe Herington - Bassoon

After studying bassoon at Goldsmiths whilst listening to a lot of the likes of Henry Cow, News From Babel, Magma, Univers Zero etc, Chlöe swapped the concert dress for a silver cape and took her classical training into more experimental, progressive lands.

After joining space/doom/disco loons Chrome Hoof and Jowe Head’s New Wave act ‘Angel Racing Food’, it was decided that this was the way forward.

She currently plays bassoon and saxes with Chrome Hoof and Knifeworld, has appeared on various recordings over the years by bands such as Guapo, Cathedral and Mothlite and has taken part in performance and sound art works by Serena Korda/Daniel O’Sullivan and Circumstance.

V A L V E is Chloe’s first entirely self-produced project.

Chlöe adds the distinct sound of the Bassoon to "Autumn Song" from "The Root, the Leaf & the Bone"











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