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The Year Of Wonders
(Fleming Barras 1645 - ????)


Fleming Barras achieved his majority in 1666, the same year as his close friend Isaac Newton made revolutionary inventions and discoveries in calculus, motion, optics and gravitation. As such, 1666 later became known as Isaac Newton's "Annus Mirabilis." ("Year of Wonders").

Margaret's Montgomery's* remaining possessions were handed down the family line, eventually finding their way into the hands of Fleming Barras who showed academic flair and a thirst for knowledge.

Fleming took the inherited chest and studied it's contents and secrets. With a keen interest in science and alchemy developing, he moved South and eventually found a position as an assistant within the science faculty near Cambridge.

Fleming met and befriended Newton and quickly impressed him with this work ethic, commitment and depth of knowledge. The two became thick as thieves, spending hours long into the night discussing the nature of all things both scienfitc and mystical.

When the plague eventually closed the University, the two friends were sadly separated and Fleming then returned to his home in Scotland, whilst Newton went on to London to publish. Newton finally gained his renowned reputation and recognition back at Cambridge, but of Fleming, nothing had been heard for some years.

Finally given the freedom to develop his interests, Fleming began to increase his latent skills to influence changes in natural phenomena such as gravity and the passing of time and the manipulation of space.

Three winters after he first met Newton, Fleming disappeared suddenly without trace – just like his great grandmother*

It is believed that shortly before he vanished, Fleming sent word to his long time friend Newton to explain his theories, the content of which, rocked Newton's belief in his own works and influenced deeply his previously held views with regard to religion, nature and science. This was to cause him some troubles later in his career.

* Please refer to the prequel album "Anser's Tree"












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