Cyclops Sampler Volume 5

A double CD featuring artists on the Cyclops label, all tracks are new, rare or live exclusives.

track listing
disk one

 Rob Andrews Lake Vinuela 2
 Flamborough Head -  Limestone Rock
 Guardians Office -  Dark Girl
 Henry Fool -  Pills In The Afternoon
 Karda Estra -  Projected Future
 Lands End -  Coming Down In Sheets
 Manning -  A Strange Place (live)
 Mostly Autumn -  Prints In The Stone
 Mostly Autumn -  Noise From My Head
 Mysterkah -  Red Daylight
 Nice Beaver -  Culley On Bleaker St.

disk two

 Odyssice -  Scream(live)
 Parallel Or 90    
-  Blues For Lear
 Pineapple Thief -  Variations On A Dream Pt 0
 Saens -  Escaping The Hands Of God Pt 2
 Sphere3 -  An Unusual January (Monkeyfrog Mix)
 Transience -  No Turning Back Now
 Tr3nity -  Which Way
 Twelfth Night -  Fact And Fiction
 Vulgar Unicorn �  Gliders