Cyclops Sampler Volume 5

track listing
disk one

 Rob Andrews -  Sunlight On Leaves
 Citizen Cain -  Liquid Kings
 Finneus Gauge -  Press The Flesh
 Flamborough Head -  Schoolyard Fantasy
 Fruitcake -  On The Edge
 Haze -  For Whom
 Jump -  Where Silver Calls
 Bjorn Lynne -  Shapechanger
 Guy Manning -  Post-Mortem
 Mostly Autumn -  The Night Sky

disk two

 Mostly Autumn -  Pieces Of Love
 Parallel Or 90    
-  Encapsulated
 Pineapple Thief Private Paradise
 Salem Hill -  When
 Sinkadus -  Postivharalen
 Sphere -  Shrimp SNG
 Transience -  Desert Falls 2
 Twelfth Night -  The Ceiling Speaks
 Von Daniken -  Extract From: Electrik Fish Music
 Kopecky -  Bartholomew 's Kite