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catholic education

Sister Marie was a Holy Nurse
I learned for myself that all woman is cursed
Father Franks will never walk again
His leg was crushed by a car in the lane

Catholic Education Black and White
Catholic Education Day and Night

Sister Jean D'Arc dyed her hair red
Kept bottles of perfume above her bed
Dennis Wheatleys ' high on a shelf
A big secret to keep to oneself

Do you smell incense in your head?
Want to die as you pray for the dead
Forgive me father for I have sinned
It 's been such a long time since I came to see you

Drinks by the river, veils in the church
Kneel on your knees till your kneecaps hurt
Did you ever question? did you ever swear?
Of confess some blasphemy, did you ever dare?

Catholic Education     Black and White
Catholic Education     Day and Night

The lyric for this comes from a night I spent chatting with Joy (the flat mate of my then girlfriend) about her experiences growing up in a Catholic Boarding school. Strange, but true...these characters actually existed! Joy found the whole experience nightmarish and I tried to capture that claustrophobic feeling in the song.