Parallel Or 90 Degrees  "No More Travelling Chess"
Reviewed by Sven Eriksen (Tarkus Magazine)

The two musicians Andy Tillison Diskdrive and Guy Manning comprise
Parallel Or 90 Degrees, or Gold Frankincense & Disk Drive as they more
correctly were called when they recorded most of this music in 1992,
originally issued on cassette. 

As the title indicates, we are talking about a collection of 
Peter Hammill-tracks (five Hammill compositions and two original songs, 
to be precise). Production-wise it is not too sophisticated with a rather "home made" 
sound. On the other hand, the performances are particularily fresh, with an 
appropriate combination of respect and recklessness. 
They never wander far from the originals, but they manage to create an even 
gloomier atmosphere than Hammill himself does. 

Not all the details and variations in the world, but they attack
"Modern" as it it were a fire-breathing dragon, and "In The Black Room"
is presented with plummets. And not least, here is a version of "Flight"
definitely without a safety net. And the two original songs fit nicely
in with the rest of the material.

This unceremonious (but dead serious) tribute to a tragically underrated
artist is done with affection and insight, and there are lot worse ways
to spend a good hour than crawling into your best chair with this CD on
full volume. Recommended to all fans of Hammill, and all others for that