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Some of you will probably not place this in the prog rock section,
but that depends on how you define the term prog rock.

Guy Manning's voice sounds like a cross between FGTHs Holly Johnson
and Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson. And certain similarities with the
quieter sides of Jethro Tull can be found on several of the tracks.
If you mix this with Pink Floyd and add a dash of neoprog, i.e. IQ,
we start to approach the music of Guy Manning. Sources of
inspiration can also be quoted as VDGG, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull and

Tall Stories For Small Children consists of 7 songs (15 tracks) and
is a low-key, somewhat melancholic and very atmospheric, yes almost
touching neoprogressive record. Guy Manning's voice and acoustic
guitar is accompaigned by piano, synths, bass and drums, and adds
mandolin, harmonica, tablas and various percussion instruments. The
sound quality is first-class, a clean and polished 90's sound with
lots of nice effects which make the album an exciting listening

The last track consisting of 5 parts is well arranged and a climax
of the record. If you should find the album, listen to Holy Ireland,
which nicely represents the whole album. Additionally, the album is
illustrated with children's drawings, and the three participating
children are also happily pictured on the cover. Suits the album
perfectly as a whole.

If you are looking for something epic, romantic, exciting,
atmospheric, half-acoustic, meditative and melancholic, this record
can be recommended.
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regards Sven
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