Guy Manning: Tall Stories For Small Children (CD, 69:30) Cyclops CYCL078 import.

Instructions: Get a large pot. Put in one part each Cat Stevens,

Harry Chapin, and The Strawbs. Add a good dose of positive spirit and stir.
Press into CD and play.

"Tall Stories For Small Children" shows Guy Manning and his friends to
be crafty musicians, and Manning himself to be a heck of a composer.

Bright acoustic guitars and strong vocals drive pieces like "The Last Psalm"
and "The Fall and Rise of Abel Mann?" 

The songs have a "storyteller" feeling about them -- hence the Harry Chapin and
Cat Stevens references.

Amidst all the heaviness that prog can be, it's refreshing to hear a bright,
positive voice telling tales. Almost minstrel-like, in a way.

Cyclops does a good job seeking out new, interesting talent.

With Guy Manning, they've done it again. -- John A. Wilcox (Progression Magazine)