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Review by: Avi Shaked

Progressive rock that leans on folk is a rarity these days. Therefore, I was quite pleased to discover this characteristic in the new Manning album, and the fact that it sounds like a designated classic makes it all the more rare.

It is inevitable to quote Jethro Tull as an influence, as not only Guy Manning has a cunning voice ala Ian Anderson, but also since the album relies firmly on enchanting melodies and acoustic, folk foundations, led by the chordal maneuvers of the multi-talented Manning on acoustic and classical guitars.

The music is detailed, yet not overcrowded, featuring brass instruments that blend remarkably well with the scenery. Mellotron emulating keyboards also add to the drama of the thoughtfully orchestrated songs.

The 30-minute title track (divided into eight distinguishable segments) is a thought-provoking epic that carries a futuristic vision and highlights Manning’s excellent songwriting. Just a glimpse at what this suite offers can be experienced on its seventh segment ("Black and Blue"), which beautifully fuses numerous classic folk and progressive influences, ranging from Strawbs to Pink Floyd, with a modern production and terrific arrangements.

Adorned with a spectacular booklet and music that breathes new life into neo prog, One Small Step… is in fact a triumph of man(ning).

9.25/10 Avi

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