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Kev Rowland - Feedback Magazine

Guy’s sixth album saw him make the move away from Cyclops to Progrock Records, and while this was Malcolm’s loss, Shawn must have welcomed Guy with open arms as this concept album sees him at his strongest so far. He has brought with him the band that he has used previously, and Andy Tillison even joins in on a couple of songs. Guy has a style that can only be described as ‘English’, bringing in the influences he grew up with and mixing it up with his own ideas to create music that at times is evocative of Ian Anderson, at others Peter Hammill and others Roy Harper. The full title of the album is ‘A Matter Of Life And Death (The Journal Of Abel Mann)’, a character he introduced on his debut album, and is exactly what the title describes, a journey through his journal. It is a very paced album, full of layers that is meant to be savoured. This isn’t over the top bombastic prog, but something that is meant to be listened to many times and really enjoyed.