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I must admit that when I saw Guy Manning supporting Parallel Or 90 Degrees in a pub in Rotherham I wasn't too impressed.
That was probably because he did a very lengthy set and it was very easy to lose interest of one man on acoustic guitar singing songs that nobody knew.

Well this album shows how wrong you can be, although some of his vocals are a little strained and can cause the odd grimace,
but to balance things out when he sings gentler parts (eg 'Songs of Faith') all is well. That said the overall album is exceptional with some strong progressive
rock enhanced by Andy Tillison on keyboards (he really is a wiz on the Hammond), Simon Baskind on drums and percussion, Jonathan Barrett on bass,
Laura Fowles on saxophone, and Ian Tothill and Iain Fairbairn on violins.

Guy plays some really excellent dedicated guitar, keyboards, bass, mandolin and percussion.

The album is split into three sections, 'Syndrome', 'Therapy' and 'Prognosis' with the middle track being split into five parts, the other two just one.

Many influences can be heard from the prog world, especially that of the 70's era. It's another one of those excellent albums that has arrived twenty years too late.
Back then it would surely have earned a big reputation and the sales to match. Old news narration is interweaved with music of atmosphere to match.

Excellent album and just shows that first impressions are not always right!

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Martin Hudson