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Henri Strik - Background Magazine

Since I heard Manning’s last album “A Matter Of Life & Death” I have become addicted to the music of the modern troubadour Guy Manning. With his band Manning he again delivered with “One SmallStep…” an amazing album. The music is still a mix of prog with folk elements. Again the Jethro Tull influences are present. But that’s not so strange if you have a voice like Ian Anderson The flute played by Martin Orford (Jadis and IQ) makes it even more obvious. The tracks which have the highest level of fantastic progressive rock music are “No hiding place” and the epic title track. The Mellotron and synthesizers played by Guy himself are mainly to blame. But Mr Manning is not the only person who can play an instrument.With Gareth Harwood he has a great musician in the band who can play a solid guitar solo. Also Laura Fowles is not afraid to rock on her saxophone. The fiddle touched by Ian Fiarbairn gives the music most of the time the wonderful folk influences.  But not only the music on “One Small Step…” is fantastic. Also the artwork, design and montage done by Ed Unitsky is like on his last album breathtaking. It just gives the finishing touch of a great album. The whole package of music and design deserves a big complement.                      

**** (Henri Strik)