Manning "The Cure "
eviewed by Petrus Bojanowski (Tarkus Magazine)  

Guy Manning has a feel of telling a tale and passing on feelings. Now he  
has formed the band Manning and presents the album "The Cure". 
Compared to his previous (solo) issue "Tall Stories For Small Children", 
úThe Cure" has become harder and actually more progressive.

Through sophisticated arrangements and very long tracks, this follow-up
is quite a fairytale. Sources of inspiration and associations go in the
direction of Kula Shaker, Jethro Tull, Van der Graaf Generator, Yes,
Pink Floyd and Greenslade. Of course, this necessarily gives a quite
exciting end result.

The more low-key and quiet tracks have become even more rich in
adventure and feelings. This owes not least to the use of a large amount
of exciting effects, plus a richer instrumentation. He collaborates with
several first-class musicians, among them two violinists and a sax
player. Together with mandolin, fat organ sounds, Rhodes, various
guitars, bass and drums, they create a powerful and dynamic sound.

 Guy Manning's characteristic voice sounds like ... well ... a cross
between Frankie Goes To Hollywood's Holly Johnson and 
Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson. The sound is modern, at times somewhat ethnic, slightly
psychedelic, quite experimental and well varied. The songs are melodic
and catchy. Arrangements are well thought through and detailed without a
specific main instrument. The production is top notch.