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Simply titled Number Ten , this is Guy Manning's tenth studio album in about eleven years. He is quite a busy musician, having also been involved in a good number of "side projects" during that period. As a reviewer and a Prog Rock fan, I have listened to most of his solo projects and I would qualify them as being "varied - high quality - creative " music and songs.

Number Ten
is certainly an album that fits these standards. Perhaps not an album that will surprise the listener as much as some of his previous ones. Stylistically, it is pretty much what one would expect from this talented musician and composer. Many of the tracks would have fitted well on other CDs or even on a Parallel or 90 Degrees album.

As usual, in my case, the only reservation I have with Guy Manning is his singing voice, somewhat reminding me of Ian Anderson, but without the energy or the ability to move me.

Still, Number Ten is an excellent album, showcasing some great compositions and musicianship. If you are a Guy Manning fan, buying this CD should be obvious.

If you are new to Guy Manning, this is a good place to begin with him.