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Jegheist2009   (PROGARCHIVES)

YHere We Have The New Guy Manning,By all means this is his best work to date!!
By Look Of The Alblum Cover,We see an House with an door.An door to nother realm,Filled with stories and dreams that we can encoprate into our lives,Learn to advance our lives spiritually.Get rid of our selfish desires,Anything is possible in dreamland !!!

1-Ships-Sometimes in life we like to sail to the corner of our minds,To find what have may been lost or redsicovred.Sometimes we burn our ships,Trying to sail our charon instead of letting charon sail us to our destination aka life our life.We need to let it takes us,To where we need to go.Lletting go desire to control everything in this life, Let it speak to us in way it was originally to be spoke to.

2)Final Chapter-If we were to die what would the last chapter say,Die to our ego let god come in.I wrote my final chapter to my life November 23rd.I said I can't live this way no more,I have to change write the final chapter to this life with no spiritual direction.Open my eyes to things that are beautiful in this lifetime,Would you want to finish your book aka your life,As someone to be remembered or someone to be pissed on at deaths grave.

3)Ordinary Day-All us have ordinary day now and then,When life dont go right.We wonder why it feels,Like there is storm cloud over our head.And we just can get out of it,It is then we ask ourselves this is happening to me for reason.So i can learn that by having ordinary day is good,So we can learn to make it better day with just one button. Intent of our attitude and motives change the day into luxorius day.

4)Bloody Holiday-This song is kind hard to grasp it has many meanings,The meaning i got from it.When will learn to give instead of recieve,Let the intent of our heart be crimson red and pure as snow..

5)Valentines Night-We all love to be loved and romanced.Valentines Night,The night Jesus took his last breath on the cross,Shot the final arrow to sin so we may be redeemed from our mistakes.Plus there is nother meaning to this song,We should learn what love truly is.Not be infatuated with what we think is love.We will have shot the arrow into the hearts of wicked, If we learn to love them for who they are.Let god take care of rest the world,We will have hit valentines night.When this does happen we will have new religion peace on earth yipee!

6)An Road Less Traveled-This song means,Many people like to live there own life.Let life lead them to where they need to go,But it doesnt work that way.You have to choose the road less travelled,By surrendering our flesh,Helping others giveing our time,and money help hungry,and homeless on street to do what golden rule says.Live life in balance,Instead of obsessing over what we do or dont have. Everything in moderation,Look at this world form the windows to our soul our eyes.

7)Another Lazy Sunday-How many us,Like to be lazy on sunday instead of doing anything.Sunday is the Sabbath day,We should do nothing for personal gain.Everyday should be Sunday The Sabbath,Learn to give equal love to everyone not hate.Only postive karma,Can kill negative karma in this world!!

8)The House On The Hill-This is song,Bout how we long to get to The House On The Hill,Point of journey is not to arrive.The house is heaven,Safe asylum away from the pressures of this world..This house exists in our dreams,And also when we die.Never give up hope,Do not rush life to get to destination.Fun part of getting ther,Is journey what you learned..How to overcome your will,To be patient endure what you have,Not what you dont!!!